The Policy Management Illustrated Series

  • Frustrated by policy management?
  • Having trouble finding all the policies (both authorized and unauthorized) floating around in your organization?
  • Wasting time and resources that could be well applied elsewhere to help the organization achieve its objectives and stay on track?
  • Realizing something has to change? 

In our research, we have found that many organizations fail at several key stages of policy management. Too often there is no formal guidance or requirements for the authoring and approval of policies. There is no risk-based consideration to determine which policies should be supported with training. There is no single repository for all policies with version control and linkage to related obligations, processes and controls. And on and on and on. 

In response to this problem, OCEG, in collaboration with GRC 20/20, has developed an educational series of materials and webinars discussing the challenges and the solutions for better policy management. In addition to addressing each stage of the policy management lifecycle, the series will provide context that can help attendees build the business case for better management, demonstrating the value of policies in helping the organization achieve Principled Performance.

Each webinar will be accompanied by the release of a related installment in our Policy Management Illustrated infographic collection.

Whether you are directly responsible for policies or are on a compliance, risk, HR, legal, internal audit or IT team, you will find this series both helpful and enlightening.

Check out more details and register for each webinar by clicking on the titles below.  Sign up early to reserve your spot. 

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Upcoming GRC 20/20 Webinars . . .

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