The GRC market is a broad market with a variety of segments. It is not all about Enterprise GRC Platforms. In fact, only about 25% of the inquiries GRC 20/20 gets from organizations are for Enterprise GRC strategies and platforms. A good 75% of the market is aimed at solving department and specific regulatory or risk area needs. There are over 700 technology solution providers in the GRC market across 16 primary market segments. In addition to this there are over 90 GRC intelligence (content) providers offering over 350 GRC intelligence solutions of various capabilities.

The challenge is: how do you find the right GRC solution for your organization?

This is where GRC 20/20 comes in. If you are looking for GRC solutions for various purposes, GRC 20/20 Research offers complimentary inquiries to explore your needs and identify a short list of solutions that best fit your specific needs. Simply register an inquiry on the GRC 20/20 website.

The next step is building out the requirements for a GRC RFP. Whether this is for an enterprise GRC platform or a very specific segment of GRC, GRC 20/20 has detailed RFP criteria for many domains of GRC. These involve over 200 requirements (sometime many more) in a given segment of GRC that are broken into basic, common, and advanced functionality. This allows organizations to select the criteria that best fits their needs as require only simple functionality while others require advanced functionality.

GRC RFP Criteria is available, in an engagement, in the following areas:

  • Enterprise GRC Solutions
  • Audit Management Solutions
  • Policy & Training Management Solutions
  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Third Party Management Solutions (e.g., vendor, supplier)
  • Compliance Management Solutions
  • IT GRC Management Solutions
  • Internal Control Management Solutions
  • Automated/Continuous Control Management Solutions
  • Business Continuity Management Solutions
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Management Solutions
  • Issue Reporting & Management Solutions
  • Quality Management Solutions

GRC 20/20 can be engaged on RFP projects to rapidly enable organizations to developing RFPs based on our RFP criteria library. Simply email me at [email protected] and we can scope your needs for a RFP criteria project. GRC 20/20 is often engaged in more detailed RFP projects to help manage the RFP and keep solution providers honest based on our broad experience in the market.