Best Practices for Effective Policy Management for the Financial Services Industry

Change in a single word reflects the world of financial services firms. Firms face an onslaught of regulatory, risk, and business change. This requires that firms have agile approaches to policy management and engagement. As change happens, firms need to ensure that their policies are current and understood throughout the environment. That means that policy […]

Your Operational Resilience Program and the Impact of Impending Regulations

Thursday, Jan. 28  | 10 AM ET | 3 PM GMT | 4 PM CET 2020 has highlighted the importance of operational resilience and prompted regulators across the globe to look at introducing regulatory frameworks to enable companies to deliver critical operations throughout any disruption.  Join us for a live Q&A featuring Michael Rasmussen from GRC 20/20 as we […]

Preliminary Findings from the OCEG Cybersecurity Communication Survey

Join us for a review of the preliminary findings from our recent survey on cybersecurity communications and learn what your peers are doing and what improvements can be made to processes and technology. Cybersecurity is of utmost importance to most organizations today. Communication needs include: Educating the workforce and third parties about the risks and […]

6 Growing Risk Legal Departments Must Protect Against in 2021

It’s fair to say that 2020 was a year of disruption. While some of these shifts were fairly predictable (like the launch of the U.S.’s most far-reaching data privacy law to date), more seismic and unforeseen disruptions (a global pandemic and the ensuing rush to work from home) forced abrupt changes in our day-to-day habits […]

Operational Risk Management for the Financial Services Industry

The world is chaotic with an onslaught of continuous changing risks that impact the operations of financial services firms. As firms are expected to become more resilient in the context of operational risks, this is driving a restructuring and maturing of operational risk management programs that integrate resiliency. This requires restructuring programs that shift greater […]

Understanding & Managing Risk Culture in the Financial Services Industry

Culture is the true mark of integrity and reality in a financial services firm. An organization can completely understand risks and regulatory requirements, it can have the most beautifully written and well-crafted policies, but this does not keep it out of the hot water of risk if the culture is not aligned and engaged. The […]

Effective Key Risk Indicators for Financial Services Organisations

The financial services firm is dynamic. It is changing minute-by-minute and second-by-second. Regulations and enforcement are changing. Risk in internal and external business environments are changing. The business itself in its strategy, process, employees, technology, and relationships are changing. Financial services firms need agile and structured risk monitoring with effective key risk indicators to monitor […]