Compliance Management by Design – New York

Blueprint for an Effective, Efficient & Agile Compliance Management Program Compliance is not easy. Organizations across industries have global clients, partners, and business operations. The larger the organization the more complex its operations. Complicating matters, today’s organization is dynamic and constantly changing. The modern organization adjusts by the minute. New employees come, others leave, roles change. […]

Risk Beyond 2021: Journey to a New Frontier

Risk Beyond 2021 is the eleventh International Conference in Enterprise Risk Management presented by ERMA. It is designed to provide risk management practitioners around the world an extensive insight into various GRC issues that organizations face towards 2022 and beyond. With hundreds of leading risk practitioners and decision-makers from around the world, Risk Beyond 2021 […]

Predictions 2022: What’s Next for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)?

Join two renowned GRC experts and OCEG Fellows, Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 and Norman Marks, as they share their predictions of what GRC will look like in 2022 and beyond. What’s next for governance, risk management, and compliance? After the volatile past two years, the predictions season holds more weight than usual this year.  […]

ESG: Preparing the Financial Services Organisation

ESG – Environmental, Social, Governance – is a dominant focus in financial services organisations right now getting board-level scrutiny and attention. Financial services organisations are challenged to define, implement, and report on ESG as the pressure builds from regulators, customers, investors, employees, and activists. The reality is that ESG has teeth, and financial services organisations must […]

Risk Management By Design Workshop – New York

Risk is pervasive throughout business strategies, operations, and processes. Siloed approaches to risk management leave the organization not seeing the big picture of risk. The reaction is often to centralize risk management which forces different areas of the organization into a one-size-fits-all risk management model that fails to adequately manage and monitor risk. Defining strategy, […]