New Paradigms in Enterprise Risk Management

This is Part 2 of 3 in the Webinar Series: The Future of GRC into 2021 and Beyond . . . Organizations are restructuring their approaches to enterprise risk management. Today’s risks are very interconnected. The digital transformation of the business introduces new cyber risks that have downstream impacts on business objectives, strategy, and other […]

Delivering Consistent, Efficient, and Agile Compliance Across the Organization

Join us as we discuss building a federated compliance management strategy. Today’s organization is in a vortex of continuous change: legal and regulatory change, risk change, and business change. Managing compliance in a dynamic and changing business environments is a significant challenge. Organizations have found they need a consistent approach to compliance management across departments […]

Episode 5: Improve Resilience while Managing Risk and Compliance

In these times of rapidly evolving risks, organizations can no longer turn a blind eye to the manual, siloed and disaggregated approaches to risk management. Join us as we discuss with analysts, partners, and SAP experts the latest technology and trends that help drive a truly integrated and highly automated approach to enterprise risk and […]

Navigating Financial Regulations for Third-Party Risk Management

Today’s financial services industry operates in an environment characterized by significant regulatory scrutiny. To be compliant, organizations must be aware and adhere to regulations, guidelines, and industry standards as it relates to their vendors, suppliers and third parties. Regulations have also increased reporting obligations for organizations, which for most can be a logistical nightmare given […]

2021 Trends in Third-Party Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC)

For any company, the old saying, “Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are,” should be, “Show me your third-party relationships, and I will tell you who your organization is.” The fact is your company relies on third parties to deliver goods and services.. The modern business depends on, and is […]

Cognitive Compliance: Driving Efficiency, Effectiveness & Agility in Dynamic and Disrupted Business

The pace of change in organizations is staggering. Gone are the years in simplicity in operations. Today’s organization has to closely monitor the interconnectedness of continuously changing regulations, enforcement actions, external risks, and internal business strategies, processes, employees, transactions, and more. Maintaining compliance in a dynamic organization and environment is beyond challenging. Reactive manual compliance […]

Legal Leaders – Get the Framework for Protecting Your Organization from Growing Corporate Data Risks

Business demands and regulatory requirements are changing. Regulatory and business intersect with Legal departments' responsibilities. These complex interconnections demand a new approach. Legal governance, risk, and compliance (legal GRC) is the modern platform for managing legal risk.In this webcast, learn from legal experts how to shift to a legal GRC approach, including Michael Rasmussen, an […]

Plan for Business Resilience

Every day, your strategies and goals are being challenged by operational disruptions, regulatory shifts and changing customer demands. On March 17, take a fresh, proactive look at the way your organization tackles these challenges. Gain insights from industry peers and experts in the Plan for Business Resilience virtual event. In just 75 minutes, learn new ways to […]

GDPR After The Pandemic: Do you need to review your privacy obligations?

Privacy is a big concern in 2021, particularly after the vortex of challenges that the last year has brought. Between the pandemic and Brexit, the world has changed in the United Kingdom. The key question is how do we mange GDPR and broader privacy compliance in a new era? Business models have changed. Employees are […]

Delivering Business and Operational Resiliency in 2021 and Beyond

This is Part 3 of 3 in the Webinar Series: The Future of GRC into 2021 and Beyond . . . Organizations are focused on resiliency: the capability to recover quickly from disruption and uncertainty. Resiliency requires a top-down strategy that starts with business resiliency down into operational resiliency. Business resiliency is a focus on […]

Understanding & Managing Risk Culture in the Financial Services Industry

Culture is the true mark of integrity and reality in a financial services firm. An organization can completely understand risks and regulatory requirements, it can have the most beautifully written and well-crafted policies, but this does not keep it out of the hot water of risk if the culture is not aligned and engaged. The […]

2021 GRC Trends – An Integrated Focus on Business Integrity & Resiliency

Compliance and ethics programs are rapidly evolving. Organizations are required to have a structured and functional compliance and ethics program that monitors compliance continuously in the context of operations, transactions, and people. A program that is no longer bound by manual processes and point in time evaluations, but one that is built on a common strategy, […]

Creating Audit Ready Access Control

In this webinar, we outline the design components and benefits of an automated audit ready access control system. Organizations must protect information and assets by controlling access to critical systems. If an unauthorized person receives access, it can result in misappropriation of information, theft of funds and intellectual property, or damage to operations. If someone […]

Effective Key Risk Indicators for Financial Services Organisations

The financial services firm is dynamic. It is changing minute-by-minute and second-by-second. Regulations and enforcement are changing. Risk in internal and external business environments are changing. The business itself in its strategy, process, employees, technology, and relationships are changing. Financial services firms need agile and structured risk monitoring with effective key risk indicators to monitor […]

Engaging Employees And Developing An Ethical Culture Of Responsibility

Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) is the capability to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity. This last piece of GRC is critical: at its foundation GRC is about the integrity of the organization. While objectives can be achieved in many unethical ways, organizations need to shift their thinking of GRC and […]