Operationalizing ESG in a GRC World with Michael Rasmussen

SAI360 Insights with GRC 20/20’s Michael Rasmussen Live webinar: Tuesday, May 24EMEA 3 PM BST  |  4 PM CET and North America 10 AM ET  |  7 AM PT As ESG becomes a focus point for organizations keen to promote integrity and transparency, businesses of all types are reviewing the similarities, differences and overlaps between ESG and […]

Delivering Assurance on ESG and Climate Disclosures

Environmental, Social & Governance – ESG – is a dominant focus in organizations as they strive to address the integrity of their values, commitments, and obligations within the organization and across the extended enterprise. While the ESG pressure has been coming from many directions it has now increased with the SEC’s recent decision on ESG […]

The Gap Analysis: Your Cyber Risk Maturity in Relation to Recent Regulatory and Geopolitical Developments

Join us to learn from the industry experts as they discuss recent developments in cyber risk management across new regulations and pressurized geopolitical events. Join us to learn from the industry experts as they discuss recent developments in cyber risk management across new regulations and pressurized geopolitical events. What does this mean for your organization […]

Navigating the Coming Regulatory Tsunami: Which Risk Management Approach Is Best?

Navigating today’s dynamic risk environment presents real challenges for organizations, and a coming wave of new regulations is set to add even more complexity for teams. As a result, heated discussions have become commonplace on whether GRC (governance, risk management, compliance) or IRM (integrated risk management) delivers the most value to risk management programs. This […]

Delivering Hub & Spoke™ GRC in Distributed & Autonomous Business

Organizations need to reliably achieve objectives, manage uncertainty, and act with integrity. Many also require some level of autonomy within distributed businesses and operations while still providing centralized governance and reporting. This requires a 360° view of governance, risk management, and compliance within the organization and its relationships supported by an integrated information and technology […]

The Critical Role of ESG in GRC Programs

ESG is increasingly becoming an imperative as organizations cope with increasing global political, economic and social uncertainty. The SEC’s recent announcement on proposed ESG disclosure rules and similar actions taken by other regulatory bodies reinforce the need for and importance for organizations to implement robust ESG programs and practices to ensure they are taking the […]

Third-Party GRC/Risk: Enabling An Agile & Resilient Third-Party Relationships

Disruption, resiliency, risk . . . these all come to mind when we think of the extended enterprise of supply chain and third-party relationships. The modern organization is not defined by brick and mortar walls and traditional employees but is an extended web of third-party relationships. The organization today has no hard and fast borders […]

Third-Party GRC/Risk: Ensuring Integrity In Third-Party Relationships 

Your mother always told you that you are defined by the friends you keep. This is true in business as well; the organization is defined by its third-party relationships. Traditional boundaries of the organization no longer exist as the modern organization is the extended enterprise of third-party relationships. The issues with your third-parties of suppliers, […]