Managing Compliance in a Dynamic Business Environment

How to Stay Ahead of the Compliance Curve Like everything this year, compliance is evolving. With an increase in regulatory and stakeholder-scrutiny, organizations are now required to rethink their approach to managing and automating compliance processes, projects, and tasks. In the years ahead, organizations will need the ability to provide a robust system of records, […]

Business Controls Automation: Redefining Control Automation, Monitoring & Enforcement

Organizations fail to monitor and manage controls effectively in an environment that demands agility. Internal control management is often misunderstood, misapplied, and misinterpreted as a result of scattered and uncoordinated approaches that get in the way of sharing data. Organizations need complete 360° situational awareness and visibility into internal controls across systems to stay compliant […]

Third-Party Risk Management: Building a Clear and Compelling Business Case for Automation

Organizations can no longer be defined by brick-and-mortar walls and traditional employees. There are no hard and fast boundaries as companies extend across a web of third-party relationships, interactions and transactions. Managing risk in third-party relationships has become the central challenge in risk and compliance management strategies, but it doesn’t have to be.Join GRC Pundit […]

Best Practices for Effective Policy Management for the Financial Services Industry

Change in a single word reflects the world of financial services firms. Firms face an onslaught of regulatory, risk, and business change. This requires that firms have agile approaches to policy management and engagement. As change happens, firms need to ensure that their policies are current and understood throughout the environment. That means that policy […]

Operational Risk Management for the Financial Services Industry

The world is chaotic with an onslaught of continuous changing risks that impact the operations of financial services firms. As firms are expected to become more resilient in the context of operational risks, this is driving a restructuring and maturing of operational risk management programs that integrate resiliency. This requires restructuring programs that shift greater […]

Understanding & Managing Risk Culture in the Financial Services Industry

Culture is the true mark of integrity and reality in a financial services firm. An organization can completely understand risks and regulatory requirements, it can have the most beautifully written and well-crafted policies, but this does not keep it out of the hot water of risk if the culture is not aligned and engaged. The […]

Effective Key Risk Indicators for Financial Services Organisations

The financial services firm is dynamic. It is changing minute-by-minute and second-by-second. Regulations and enforcement are changing. Risk in internal and external business environments are changing. The business itself in its strategy, process, employees, technology, and relationships are changing. Financial services firms need agile and structured risk monitoring with effective key risk indicators to monitor […]