Understanding the Journey to Policy Management Maturity

The constant changes in today's regulatory environments translate to a growing burden on organizations to prove they are in control of their governance, policy management, and compliance. Unfortunately, many organizations do not process the necessary policy management infrastructure and processes to address these changes.  In this webinar, GRC expert Michael Rasmussen will cover how to: […]

Aligning Risk & Performance Management

The GRC Red Flags Series with Michael Rasmussen:  Aligning Risk & Performance Management Today’s businesses operate in dynamic, distributed, and disruptive environments where the only thing certain is change. To maintain the integrity of the organization, as well as to drive strategy and performance, professionals in risk management need to relook at their programs and […]

Third-Party Risk Intelligence: Delivering 360° Situational Awareness to the Extended Enterprise

Business today is a complex web of third-party relationships. Gone are the days when an organization was defined by brick-and-mortar walls and traditional employees. Today’s organization is a nested array of third parties - suppliers, vendors, outsourcers, contractors, consultants, temporary workers, service providers, brokers, agents, intermediaries, partners, and more. Following a siloed approach with assessments […]

Accountability & Compliance in the Modern Enterprise

The integrity of the organisation is a front-and-center concern of organisations that requires accountability and compliance. In this context, there is a sweeping array of accountability regimes/regulations that are putting personal liability on senior management functions (e.g., executives) for conduct, risk, compliance, control, and ethics issues. These individuals can be personally fined or go to […]

The Supply Chain and ESG

Delivering an Agile Approach to Managing ESG Across the Extended Enterprise ESG – Environmental, So­cial, Governance – is a dominant focus in organi­zations right now getting board-level scrutiny and attention.   Organizations around the world and across industries are challenged to define, implement, and report on ESG. These pressures are com­ing from all directions: investors, custom­ers, […]

GRC 5.0 – Cognitive GRC: Leveraging A.I. to Make GRC Efficient, Effective & Agile

Leveraging A.I. to Make GRC Efficient, Effective & Agile As 2022 approaches, GRC technology is making a shift to Cognitive GRC, GRC 5.0, that leverages artificial intelligence to integrate and make GRC infrastructure and architecture more efficient, effective, and agile. Machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics are taking hold and providing greater value to […]

Addressing ESG Risk in the Enterprise: Focus on the Social

Environmental, Social & Governance – ESG – is a dominant focus in organizations as they strive to address the integrity of their values, commitments, and obligations within the organization and across the extended enterprise. In this second session of our webinar series in Addressing ESG Risk in the Enterprise we turn our focus at looking […]