Driving Risk Culture: An Integrated and Purpose-Built Approach to Effective Third-Party Risk Management

Join us to learn how you can drive risk culture by integrating a third-party management strategy with a broader business spend management strategy. Unexpected circumstances can result in the need for swift evaluation and management of third-party risk. But the organizations that are best suited to tackle these risks centralize third-party management with a consistent process and […]

The Future of Compliance is Digital, Connected & Automated

Industry experts come together online for a 30mins discussion on the future of compliance Between March and April 2020, businesses had 3,000 regulatory updates to deal with. But the compliance workload was huge even before the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, businesses received 200 regulatory updates a day, compared to just 10 a day in 2004. […]

DoJ Guidance and the Compelling need for an Integrated Compliance Program

Compliance and ethics programs are rapidly evolving. Organizations are required to have a structured and functional compliance and ethics program that monitors compliance continuously in the context of operations, transactions, and people. A program that is no longer bound by manual processes and point in time evaluations, but one that is built on a common strategy, […]

Challenges and Trends Shaping Third Party Management from 2020 into 2021

Join us as we take a detailed look at the drivers of third party management - governance, risk, and compliance. Organizations are no longer a self-contained entity defined by brick and mortar walls and traditional employees. The modern organization is comprised of a mixture of third party relationships that nest themselves in complexity and further […]