One of Australia’s Largest Financial Institutions



One of Australia’s Largest Financial Institutions

Value Achieved in Business Continuity Management

Old paradigms of business continuity management were isolated and focused on coordinating the back-office. Most implementations were overly technical and often confusing instead of aligning the organization. The line of business too often saw activities as a burdensome task that gets in the way of real work with no real value provided. Organizations need to look to new paradigms of strategy that expand the focus of business continuity into an operationally resilient context. Backend management and oversight of business continuity is still needed; however, this needs to be integrated and aligned with a broader perspective of operational risk management. Business continuity is only as good as the line of business understanding, participation, and alignment with it. It is no longer enough to have the right documentation; you have to show that the organization is operationally resilient. 

One of Australia’s largest financial institutions, operating globally, recently carried out an internal audit that identified major gaps and associated risks within the institutions existing approach to business continuity management. The audit exposed that they lacked the ability to control and assess the risks associated with security and ongoing operations of their business at a branch level to deliver an effective business continuity strategy. 

The institution evaluated a range of solutions in the market and found that the greatest value to achieve its objectives was with ReadiNow. ReadiNow replaced an existing tool that was purpose-built. Although the existing tool provided a reasonable basis to assess risks, the tool did not meet the institution’s business continuity and broader operational risk management requirements. GRC 20/20 has evaluated and verified the implementation of ReadiNow at the bank and confirms that this implementation has achieved measurable value across the elements of GRC efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. In this context, GRC 20/20 has recognized ReadiNow with a 2019 GRC Value Award in the domain of Business Continuity Management. 

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Table of Contents

  • Organizations Strive for Operational Resiliency
    • Business Continuity: A Critical Component of Operational Resiliency
  • One of Australia’s Largest Financial Institutions
    • Value Achieved in Business Continuity Management
    • The Challenge This Organization Faced
    • Solution to the Organization’s Problem – ReadiNow’s GRC Platform
    • This Organization Achieved Value with the ReadiNow GRC Platform
      • ReadiNow’s Efficiency Value
      • ReadiNow’s Effectiveness Value
      • ReadiNow’s Agility Value
  • GRC 20/20’s Final Perspective on ReadiNow
  • About GRC 20/20 Research, LLC
  • Research Methodology

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