Carlisle Construction Materials: Agility Achieved in Access Control & Segregation of Duties


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Agility Achieved in Access Control & Segregation of Duties

Organizations are best served to take an enterprise and automated approach to access control management. This can then roll into risk management and reporting that is integrated with decision-making processes. To address access control risk, organizations are establishing an access control and SoD strategy with process and technology to build and maintain an access control program that balances business agility, control, and security to mitigate risk, reduce loss/exposure, and satisfy auditors and regulators, while also enabling users to perform their jobs. When evaluating solutions for SoD and access control, the organization needs solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and should look for a solution that provides the depth of analysis needed for their ERP application environment:

The Challenge Carlisle Construction Materials Faced Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) is a case in point. CCM is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of premium building products for the commercial and residential construction markets. CCM offers sustainable, eco-friendly products that help reduce a building’s carbon footprint, and often minimize its energy consumption and costs. CCM, a division of Carlisle Companies (NYSE: CSL), has annual revenues of $3.2 billion, employs over 3,800 people, and operates 42 plants in North America and seven in Europe. Due to consistently poor audit findings back before 2014, CCM knew their SAP environment was not audit ready or in a healthy state of compliance. CCM’s internal IT team attempted to remediate their security issues by themselves through manual processes. This process took months to compile with an end result in poor data, while failing to remediate their security issues.

To address this problem, CCM evaluated and purchased the ControlPanelGRC® Access Controls Suite in late 2013 and completed their remediation efforts in 2014. ControlPanelGRC is a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution provider of automated and continuous control monitoring and enforcement for SAP environments. ControlPanelGRC automates time-consuming tasks associated with compliance reporting and audit support through rapid implementation, integration with SAP, reporting and analytics, and an intuitive user experience.

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  • Growing Need for Automated Access Control & Segregation of Duties

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  • Carlisle Construction Materials: Agility Achieved in Access Control & Segregation of Duties


      The Challenge Carlisle Construction Materials Faced

    • Solution to Carlisle Construction Material’s Problem

    • Carlisle Construction Material Achieved Value in GRC Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Agility

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