I love teaching my By Design” Workshops! This past Monday it was Policy Management by Design, my favorite of all of them, in New York City. It is great to be back live teaching these interactive workshops, and it was a great day in New York with engaged attendees from a range of organizations.

The Policy Management by Design Workshop has a lot of new content. Including the Policy Management Capability Model that I worked hard on publishing with OCEG in our joint venture with www.PolicyManagementPro.com. It also includes my new Policy Management Maturity Model.

In discussing Policy Enforcement, one of the 5 components of the Policy Management Capability Model, one organization in attendance stated how they increased policy awareness and compliance by getting creative in policy enforcement. The example this person gave was in the context of their Background Check Policy. If an employee does not follow the background check policy then they and their manager have to do push-ups in front of others. That is one example of creatively building a culture of integrity and policy compliance.

In a previous workshop, before lockdowns, a global software firm stated they take their inclusion, diversity, equality, harassment, and discrimination policies very seriously. If an employee gets behind in their policy acknowledgment and required related training in these areas . . . they go to log in to their computer and they will find all they can access is the policy management portal with the policy acknowledgment and training they have to complete. Another example of policy enforcement.

This is what I love about these workshops. I can lecture and teach all day, but attendees learn from each other as much as they do from me.

Myself teaching on the Policy Management Capability Model in the New York Policy Management by Design Workshop this week.

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