As the only analyst covering the range of policy and training management solutions as its own segment of the Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) market, I am asked several times a month on who is providing the next generation portal that integrated into one portal both policy communication and training related to the policy. The answer is very few.

Organizations need to rethink how they are managing and communicating policies in their environment. Haphazard approaches that scatter policies across different internal websites and portals in different formats is not relevant to today’s workforce and handicaps the organization in managing policy communication and awareness in an era that requires complete visibility and operational effectiveness and understanding of policies. This is particularly true of the millennial generation.

The young and advancing workforce are highly reliant on mobile technologies, and with integrated experiences. You go out to Facebook and you can watch a YouTube video right there in Facebook. You do not need to click on a link and bounce out to a completely different site to watch the video. Organizations need to integrate policy and training into one portal to engage the front lines of the organization. This portal needs to be interactive, mobile, and highly engaging in bringing policies and training together in an integrated experience. As regulators and law enforcement advance the focus on policies and training as the measurement of an operationally effective compliance program this is not a nice to have, but an essential.

The pillars of an engaging and integrated policy and training portal are that it is:

  • Unified. Employees come to one policy and training portal to find everything needed. Policies are not just documents but integrated resources & tools. Video and resources are integrated alongside written policy.
  • Relevant. The policy portal reflects changes in employee role and context. The most critical “need to know” policies are easy to find. Users can customize and organize the policy portal to their needs.
  • Interactive. Understanding is increased through embedded media. Games, scenarios and interactive content is used to reinforce key points within policies. Pop-ups provide access to definitions & resources in written policies.
  • Social and Personable. Employees can share policies and provide comment and interaction on policies. The portal makes it is easy for employees to get questions answered. The employee has an corporate avatar that is linked to badges and progress in policy and training tasks.

I am presenting a webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, August 28th, on this very topic:

Next week, on August 4th, I am presenting on best practices in policy management:

The GRC 20/20 Policy Management by Design Workshops that dive deep into an interactive and engaging workshop on policy and training management are scheduled for the following cities and dates:

I have two roundtables coming up specifically for financial services on policy management:

GRC 20/20’s flagship research piece on effective, efficient, and agile policy management is:

Please share your thoughts and experiences on engaging employees on policy and training management . . .

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