Trust Assurance for CISOs



The CISO as a Strategic Governance-Focused Board Partner

Organizations require complete situational and holistic awareness of information security, governance, risk, and compliance management – IT GRC – provided through ongoing, continuous, and integrated trust assurance to see the big picture or risk and impact on the organization. This contextual awareness requires that the CISO have a central nervous system of trust assurance to capture risk intelligence and issues to make the organization resilient and agile. The right trust assurance strategy and architecture delivers value to the organization through greater efficiency, effectiveness, resilience, and agility. Organizations need to address information security risk management with an integrated trust assurance architecture to manage the ecosystem of IT risks, compliance requirements and controls with real-time information that delivers value to the business.

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Table of Contents

  • CISO Trials & Tribulations in Today’s Disrupted Enterprise

    • Why are CISOs struggling to be strategic and appreciated?

    • Re-designing IT-GRC to Trust Assurance to Avoid Inevitability of Failure

  • The CISO of Tomorrow Delivers Trust Assurance

    • Understanding Trust Assurance

      • Why Risk, Compliance, and RFP Automation Isn’t Enough

    • The CISO’s Strategic Vision of Trust Assurance

    • The CISO’s Business Case for Trust Assurance

    • What the CISO Needs in a Trust Assurance Platform

    • Delivering Trust Assurance: A Scorecard for Demonstrating Value

      • Building the Trust Assurance Scorecard for the Board

  • GRC 20/20’s Final Perspective

  • About GRC 20/20 Research, LLC

  • Research Methodology

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