Policy & Training Management by Design



A Blueprint for Enterprise Policy & Training Management

The haphazard department and document centric approaches for policy and training management of the past compound the problem and do not solve it.  It is time for organizations to step back and define a cross-functional and coordinated team to define and govern policy and training management.  Organizations need to wipe the slate clean and approach policy and training management by design with a strategy and architecture to manage the ecosystem of policies and training programs throughout the organization with real-time information about policy conformance and how it impacts the organization.  

Organizations need a coordinated cross-department strategy for managing policies and training programs across the enterprise.  The goal is to develop a common framework and approach so that policies and training are understood and managed as an integrated whole rather than a dissociated collection of parts. 

Policies and training programs that are managed as dissociated documents, data, systems, and processes leave the organization with fragments of truth that fail to see the big picture of policy and training across the enterprise and how it supports the organization’s governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) responsibilities. The organization needs to have holistic visibility and situational awareness into policy and training across the enterprise. Complexity of business and intricacy and interconnectedness of policies and obligations requires that the organization implement a policy and training management strategy.

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Table of Contents

  • Policy & Training Management Demands Attention

    • The Foundational Role of Policies in GRC Strategies

    • Hordes of Policies Scattered Across the Organization

    • Inevitable Failure of Policy & Training Management

  • Policy & Training Management by Design

    • Contrasting Policy & Training Management Approaches

    • Policy & Training Management Strategic Plan

    • Policy & Training Management Architecture

      • Policy & Training Management Process Architecture

      • Policy & Training Management Information Architecture

      • Policy & Training Management Technology Architecture

    • Benefits of a Policy & Training Management Strategy & Architecture

  • GRC 20/20’s Final Perspective

  • About GRC 20/20 Research, LLC

  • Research Methodology

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