Best in Class GRC in Strategy & Performance Management – Small Enterprise

Organizations require complete situational and holistic awareness of strategy and performance to see the big picture and its impact on the organization. Distributed, dynamic, and disrupted business requires the organization to take a strategic approach to integration and automation of strategy management. This fails when addressed as a system of parts that do not integrate and work as a collective whole. Organizations need full visibility to understand the interactions and relationships of cause and effect across strategy, process, transactions, information, and technology supporting the organization. They need to be agile and strategically gather scattered data into a single repository that supports a building-block approach to managing and monitoring strategy and risk, is extensible for workflows and accountability, and enables shared insight across the entire organization.

GRC 20/20 has evaluated and verified the implementation of Corporater Business Management Platform at Be’ah and confirms that this implementation has achieved a remarkable case study in how to address strategy and performance management with clear benefits achieved from their efforts. 

This approach is “best in class”, and in that context GRC 20/20 recognizes Be’ah and Corporater with a 2023 Best in Class GRC Award in the Category of Strategy & Performance Management – Small Enterprise (Under 1,000 employees).

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Table of Contents

  • Complexity Hinders Organizations

  • Be’ah

    • Best in Class GRC in Strategy & Performance Management – Small Enterprise

      • Strategic Changes

      • Process Changes

      • Technology Changes

    • Benefits Delivered

      • Efficiency

      • Effectiveness

      • Agility

    • Be’ah Achieved Best in Class Strategy & Performance

  • GRC 20/20’s Final Perspective

  • Research Methodology

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