2024 State of the GRC Market



Drivers, Trends, Segmentation & Direction

The #GRC Market is complex, with broad platforms and focused best-of-breed solutions solving specific problems and challenges.

There are 365 solution providers (not counting professional service firms) that GRC 20/20 Research, LLC monitors in the market. Seventy-four can be classified as an Enterprise/Integrated GRC Platform that can cross departments and use cases; the rest are best-of-breed point solutions. Of these 365, GRC 20/20 actively monitors 83 of them more deeply annually, and the rest keep abreast of and interact with in briefings every two or three years.

GRC 20/20 answers between 10 and 20 inquiry/research questions from organizations asking about and looking for solutions every week. So far, this accounts for over 750 interactions in 2023. These come in via email, text, LinkedIn messages, and more. Most are simple responses to questions; others go deeper. In 2023, there were 53 RFPs that GRC 20/20 monitored around the world. Some deeply, some from a distance.

The GRC Market is complex, with broad platforms and many focused best-of-breed solutions to specific problems and challenges. It is a fast-moving market with a lot of momentum but also many nuances and niches.

Join GRC 20/20 for this in-depth analysis of the GRC market and its segments in the upcoming 2024 State of the GRC Market Research Briefing . . .

Discover drivers and trends in GRC across solution segments, industries, geographies, and roles/departments.

Identify the segments of the GRC Market and how they are defined.

Understand the market for GRC-related solutions and what to expect over the next few years.

This Market Perspective & Research Briefing: 2024 State of the GRC Market is a 2-hour detailed research briefing that covers the breadth and depth of the GRC market across its niches.

This is an ideal research briefing for any organization trying to understand and scope the breadth of GRC solutions in the market. It is of particular value to GRC solutions and service providers and venture and private equity firms investing in GRC-related solutions. 

NOTE: This research briefing will NOT present market sizing and forecasting of individual GRC segments.

The outline for the 2024 GRC Market Overview is as follows:

  1. GRC – Definition & Scope
    • GRC Definition
    • History of GRC Technology
      • GRC 1.0 – SOX Captivity of GRC
      • GRC 2.0 – Enterprise GRC
      • GRC 3.0 – GRC Architecture
      • GRC 4.0 – Agile GRC (no-code/low-code)
      • GRC 5.0 – Cognitive GRC
      • GRC 6.0 – Business Integrated GRC
    • GRC Market Segmentation
  2. Market Drivers & Trends
    • Overall GRC Market Drivers & Trends
    • Market Drivers & Trends by Industry
    • Market Drivers & Trends by Geography
    • Market Drivers & Trends by Role/Department
    • Market Drivers & Trends by Size of Organization
  3. GRC Market Segments (Definitions, Sub-Segmentation, Drivers & Trends)
    • Enterprise GRC Platforms
    • Strategy, Performance & Objective Management
    • Risk & Resilience Management
    • Compliance, Ethics & Obligation Management
    • Policy & Training Management
    • Internal Control Management, Monitoring & Automation
    • Issue Reporting & Case Management
    • ESG Management & Reporting
    • Audit Management, Analytics & Assurance
    • Domain Specific GRC Solutions
      • IT GRC (IT Risk Management)
      • Third-Party GRC (Third-Party Risk Management)
      • Finance GRC
      • Human Resources GRC
      • Artificial Intelligence GRC
      • Environmental GRC
      • Health & Safety GRC
      • Quality GRC
      • Legal GRC
      • Privacy GRC
      • Identity GRC
  4. Analysis of Inquiry & RFP Trends & Perspectives


This Market Research Briefing of the GRC Market is designed for anyone interested in understanding the GRC market and its segments, adoption and growth of GRC solutions, market drivers and trends, what companies are looking for, and recent inquiries and RFP analysis.


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