2017: How to Market & Sell GRC Solutions



There are lots of GRC solutions available in the market, more are popping up every week. In fact, GRC 20/20 has mapped over 800 solutions across seventeen primary segments of the GRC market. Having great technology does not always win deals, it helps but it is not the key to success. We have seen this play out over decades in which superior technology is out marketed and out sold by something inferior. Consider the Sony Betamax vs VHS days in the 1980’s.

GRC 20/20’s Research Briefing, 2017: How to Market & Sell GRC Solutions focuses on this particular challenge. In this detailed Research Briefing, GRC 20/20 trains and hones new and existing sales and marketing professionals to engage, interact, and connect with buyers of GRC related solutions. Over the past several years, GRC 20/20 has been praised for its success in equipping marketing, sales, and product strategy professionals to better engage and execute in the market.

This Research Briefing addresses the following:

  • Understanding GRC and its various segments
  • Who is buying solutions and what are they looking for
  • Defining buyer personas and roles across areas of risk, audit, compliance, legal, IT, security, EH&S, and more
  • Detailing industry drivers, trends, and needs – what is hot, what are companies looking for, what are the current pains
  • Mapping out geographic variations in technology demand
  • How to engage GRC buyers
  • What to do when Gartner and Forrester are not giving you proper coverage
  • Tips and techniques for successful GRC RFPs and engagement
  • Warnings, pitfalls, and lessons learned from watching good solutions fail in RFPs and buying situations

This overview includes a detailed look at emerging requirements, regulations, and buying patterns and needs of organizations from these varying perspectives. It is the premier opportunity to train GRC solution and professional services staff and understand requirements and needs to build marketing, content, and sales strategies for 2017 and beyond.

Pre-registration before the live event is $195 per individual which includes access to the on-demand recording. After the live event, access goes up to $295 for those that did not pre-register for the live event. Group access for all employees can also be obtained by contacting [email protected]. GRC Advisor subscribers already get access for all their employees to both the live and the on-demand recording.

rasmussenMichael Rasmussen – The GRC Pundit @ GRC 20/20 Research, Michael Rasmussen is an internationally recognized pundit on governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) – with specific expertise on the topics of GRC strategy, process, information, and technology architectures and solutions. With 23+ years of experience, Michael helps organizations improve GRC processes, design and implement GRC architectures, and select solutions that are effective, efficient, and agile. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, author, and advisor and is noted as the “Father of GRC” — being the first to define and model the GRC market in February 2002 while at Forrester Research, Inc.