After years of discussion and more than 18 months in development, I am pleased to announce the launch of my latest collaboration with OCEG: Policy Management Pro and the publication of the Policy Management Capability Model

You should already be familiar with the GRC Capability Model, which is in use by organizations of all sizes and types worldwide. Now, we apply the same level of detail and clarity to the critical business need for effective policy management, which presents significant challenges in today’s ever-changing global operating and regulatory environments. 

Policy Management Pro brings policy standards and a professional certification in policy management to the market for the first time.

Our collaboration in this project with OCEG and the highly experienced practitioners in policy management who served on the review committee has led to a set of comprehensive practices that will benefit any organization.

The Certified Policy Management Professional designation indicates a strong understanding of the standard practices set out in the Policy Management Capability Model. Knowing your policy team or any new hires have the CPMP designation should offer peace of mind and confidence that your policy capability is in good hands. As we say on the site, we give you everything you need and nothing you don’t to build and run a strong policy management capability.

Check out what people have to say . . .

 “It was a great pleasure to read this document because of how thorough and well thought out it is. It has been frustrating with no industry standard for organizations to lean on when trying to stand up a policy management program. This really will be a fantastic and extremely valuable tool in helping organizations establish this capability.” 

Jeff Boyer, Governance Lead, Suncor Energy Services, Inc. and review committee member

This document has all the essentials, in sufficient detail, for any practitioner setting up a policy management project. This is virtually a step-by-step guide. I only wish the document was available to me all those years ago when I was in my first compliance role and had to get a new business unit with 150 frontline staff audit ready in 6 months!”

Meng Barnie, Compliance Officer & MLRO, BLOM Bank and review committee member

Take a few minutes to join!  View the Policy Management Pro website, download the Capability Model and check out the free sample lesson from the on-demand training program. Then take advantage of the opening discount offer and sign up today as the first step toward your standing as a Certified Policy Management Pro

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