In a time of crisis, like what we face with the global pandemic, centralizing compliance and ethics communications and reporting is critical to streamline interactions, maintain corporate culture and integrity, improve employee morale, and communicate expectations.

However, a lot of organizations are finding they are not prepared. Consider that a lot of policies are changing right now, such as remote office worker policies, home office expense policies, and conduct policies. Other policies may not have changed, but employees still need to be reminded of them as they operate in a high-risk environment for fraud, privacy, customer/client communications, health and safety, and security.

In this current crisis, one large organization I was talking to discovered they had over 20 policy portals scattered in different departments. Policies were on different fileshares, Sharepoint sites, and ad hoc technology platforms. Policies looked different on each portal and used language inconsistently. Some policies were out of date.

In a time of crisis when people are working from home, having . . .

[The rest of this blog can be found at the Convercent website where GRC 20/20’s Michael Rasmussen contributed this as a guest blog post]

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