Our Perspective on the GRC Market and GRC Solutions

The GRC market is a macro-market that encompasses several smaller market segments.  Major analyst firms treat the GRC market as a micro-market they think can be rolled-up and covered in a two-dimensional plot comparing less than 20 solutions.  Their market model and sizing is nothing more than adding up projected revenues for a small group of select vendors and perhaps making some adjustments.  This is absurd. GRC solutions and services are varied and have a variety of functions. The major analyst firms have it wrong. The GRC market cannot be defined in a single comparative report with a two-dimensional graphic. GRC 20/20 understands this and helps organizations perceive the panorama of issues and challenges organizations face and identify the right solutions to meet their specific requirements.

GRC 20/20 has mapped over 500 solution providers into our GRC market model that is broken into segments and sectors.  We are the ONLY market research and analyst firm monitoring market size, demand, growth, and trends at both the sector and segment level, in addition to the high-level roll-up of the GRC market.  We specialize in differentiating solutions on their value and capabilities within segments of the GRC market and not just paying attention to a few. 

GRC 20/20 specializes in the details of the GRC market. We help buyers of GRC solutions to identify the solutions they should consider given their specific requirements. Whether it is criteria for RFPs in specific areas of GRC to broad solutions that provide the backbone of an enterprise GRC architecture – we deliver depth. On the other side, our insight enables solution providers to hone their product, service, marketing, sales, content, partner, and growth strategies to move from being good to being great.  We help solution providers to understand their competitive differentiators and how to win deals and articulate value in how they make clients more efficient, effective and agile.

GRC 20/20 is focused on delivering high-value relationships with GRC solution provider clients. Services are typically ¼ of what major analyst firms charge and value is achieved through personal accessibility to get you answers when you need them. GRC 20/20 wants to be part of your team and not some cloistered ivory tower that is hard to contact and even harder to connect to.  Working with GRC 20/20 is about engagement – to be an objective and independent advisor while still a part of your team. 

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