Our Differentiators

GRC 20/20 is collaborative.  We like to roll-up our sleeves and get involved in details.  We thrive on interaction and engagement.  To be successful in understanding and predicting the GRC market requires that we listen and learn and not merely pontificate and make ourselves untouchable.  Unlike major market research and analyst firms, we recognize the need to involved.  

GRC 20/20 is:

  • Affordable.  Our rates are comparable to an experienced consultant rather than of major analyst firms who charge more than high-end Wall Street attorneys.  Organizations do not need to pay $1,000+ an hour for analyst time; that is robbery, and in some cases extortion.  GRC 20/20 is often ¼ the cost of major analyst firms.
  • Deep. The GRC market cannot be represented in a single two-dimensional comparison of a handful of select GRC solutions. We are the only market research firm to provide detailed buying criteria, comparisons, market sizing, and growth for the entire GRC market as well as specific segments of the GRC market covering more than 500+ solutions.
  • Pragmatic. We understand that organizations have a range of GRC roles and processes focused on aspects of governance, risk management and compliance.  While an enterprise GRC strategy and architecture is ideal, most organizations are addressing department needs as well as specific risk and compliance issues and must learn to crawl before they can run. 
  • Grounded. GRC 20/20 prides itself on analysts with real-world experience from the trenches of organizations.  We know what works and does not work as well as how to get the job done. Our analysts do not sit back in cloistered offices and avoid getting involved in the real world.
  • Collaborative.  Collaboration requires engagement in discussion, debate, and thought leadership in GRC professional communities and associations.  GRC 20/20 actively engages organizations, non-profit associations, solution providers, professional service firms, and others in research collaboration to gain perspective and clarity into aspects of the GRC market.  This breadth of interaction feeds into our market models, advice, and forecasts. 
  • Reachable.  We are easy to access.  Clients of GRC 20/20 can call, email, text / message, tweet, Skype, or use a palantir (should you have one) to get answers when they are needed.  We offer complimentary inquiries/answers to GRC purchaser questions on strategy and solutions to provide the clarity they need to take the next step.  GRC 20/20 fields hundreds of buyer inquiries each year looking for GRC solutions and services to address a range of GRC challenges from broad to specific.
  • Transparent.  GRC 20/20 represents and works with the ecosystem of buyers as well as GRC solution and service providers.  Our revenue comes from a mixture of these elements and we are fully committed to objectivity in research and not afraid to disclose our relationships or criteria on how we recommend and evaluate solutions. We evaluate GRC solutions using transparent, consistent, and objective criteria. 

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