The 2013 GRC Technology Innovator awards was filled with competition.  The number of submissions more than doubled over 2012.  With 57 submissions there were only twelve slots for winners.  GRC 20/20 looked through all of the submissions, asked for clarification where needed, and selected the 12 recipients to receive this honor.

Number 11 is SAP's HANA Analytics Foundation for SAP GRC Solutions which showed technology innovation for advancing GRC analytics. 

In the era of ‘Big Data,’ SAP HANA Analytics Foundation for SAP Solutions for GRC shows innovation in addressing the burgeoning velocity, volume, and variety of GRC governance, risk and compliance data in the enterprise. This The SAP HANA® platform leverages in-memory data to speed analysis of large volumes of data to provide insight. SAP HANA speeds the process of gathering, analyzing, and reporting and creates new opportunities for cross-system GRC and business analytics.  It allows for complex analysis by aggregating thousands or even millions of pieces of data across systems that used to be a task that must be run overnight or during off-hours. One example of the value of SAP HANA is in the area of fraud analytics with the ability to take an entirely new approach to fraud detection, prevention and management leveraging in-memory technology to provide insights into fraud, waste, and misuse allowing companies to take action before damage occurs. SAP HANA enables fraud detection in quasi-real-time and prevents transactions from proceeding to avoid loss. It significantly improves the accuracy of fraud identification by reducing the number of false positives and investigation team workload, and leverages predictive analytics to analyze potential fraud scenarios and adapt to changing fraud patterns.


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