This question was recently posted to the Corporate Integrity LinkedIN Group. The specifics are as follows:

We are looking for a list of all regulations that we need to comply with. I know that OCEG is putting together a database of this information for members, but I am wondering if there are other sources that people are aware of? It seems as though I’ve seen this built into some GRC software and I’d expect law firms and the “big 4” to have something. Have any of you encountered a list and if so can it be shared?

My response was:

Besides the mountains of information that a Lexis or a Thomson has – no. Just for example, there are over 3,000 employment/labor laws and regulations just within the United States (Federal, State, and Local jurisdiction levels). That is only one niche of GRC. You start looking at privacy, anti-corruption, environmental, health & safety, quality, and many other areas this becomes a monstrous list. 

There are some good sources for specific areas. The Unified Compliance Framework has a good listing of IT and Privacy related regulations.

I have been working on compiling some lists for clients – and a good list crossing a lot of areas easily grows into the 1,000s.



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