Supply Wisdom



Enabling 360° Intelligence of Third-Party Relationships

The modern business is dependent on third-party relationships and requires real-time and continuous awareness of its current and future risk landscape. A manual and point-in-time approach to third-party risk intelligence compounds the problem and can lead to elevated risk exposure and blind spots. It is time for organizations to step back and move from legacy practices, defined by manual processes, periodic assessments, and silos of risk intelligence content to a third-party risk intelligence solution that includes integrated full-spectrum real-time feeds of situational awareness of the organization’s extended enterprise. 

Supply Wisdom is a next generation cognitive GRC third-party risk intelligence provider that GRC 20/20 has researched, evaluated, and reviewed with organizations that are using it in complex, distributed, and dynamic business environments. Supply Wisdom delivers an integrated third-party risk intelligence service that spans risk domains to provide a single view into full situational risk intelligence of third parties throughout the extended enterprise. The solution can be deployed to manage specific third-party risks (e.g., anti-bribery & corruption, ESG, financial viability, negative news) or can be implemented as an enterprise risk intelligence solution.

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Table of Contents

  • The Organization: an Interconnected Web of Relationships

    • The Inevitability of Failure: Fragmented Views of Third-Party Risk

  • Supply Wisdom

    • Enabling 360° Intelligence of Third-Party Relationships

    • What Supply Wisdom Does

    • Benefits Organizations Have Received through Supply Wisdom

    • Considerations in Context of Supply Wisdom

  • About GRC 20/20 Research, LLC

  • Research Methodology


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