SaltyCloud Isora



Redefining Control Automation, Monitoring & Enforcement

When organizations approach security, compliance, and control in scattered documents and disconnected processes there is no possibility to be intelligent about risk and compliance decisions that impact the broader organization, its operations, and adherence to regulations and standards. Organizations need an integrated assessment architecture that delivers 360º contextual intelligence on assessments for risk, compliance, security, and control.

SaltyCloud Isora is a solution that GRC 20/20 has researched and evaluated, that can manage risk, compliance, and control assessments in complex, distributed, and dynamic organizations environments, this includes assessments of third-party relationships. Isora delivers an integrated assessment platform that can be used to manage, deliver, and report on the range of risk, compliance, and control assessments to a range frameworks, standards, and regulations. 

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Table of Contents

  • Growing Demand for Assessments
  • SaltyCloud Isora
    • Enabling Risk, Compliance & Control Assessments
    • What SaltyCloud Isora Does
      • SaltyCloud Isora Enables the GRC Assessment Lifecycle
    • Foundational Capabilities in SaltyCloud Isora
    • Benefits Organizations Can Expect with SaltyCloud Isora
    • Considerations in Context of SaltyCloud Isora

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