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Policies must be professionally managed so that they are both effective and efficient tools to help the organisation stay on the path it chooses. But they also need to be effectively communicated and understood by employees who apply them to their business behaviour, context, transactions and interactions. Good policy management requires good policy communication, training, awareness, and overall engagement by employees throughout the organisation.

In the end, organisations need structured processes to manage the entire policy management life cycle from creation through maintenance and eventually retirement of policies. This particularly includes the ability to deliver a technology architecture to manage the policy management life cycle and effectively engage employees on policies and ensure their awareness, training and understanding of them in their individual business contexts. 

MetaCompliance is a GRC solution that GRC 20/20 has researched, evaluated and reviewed with organisations that are using it in dynamic and distributed environments for policy management and engagement.  MetaCompliance is an integrated policy management, awareness and training platform which ensures that policies are properly managed, current to the organisation’s requirements, and understood by employees. The MetaCompliance solution is delivered through a cloud-based portal that manages the entire policy management life cycle with a particular focus on employee awareness and engagement on policies. The solution facilitates employee engagement and access to policies and corresponding awareness training from any device, e.g. workstation, tablet, mobile.

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Table of Contents

  • Why Policies Matter

  • MetaCompliance

    • Delivering Policy Management & Engagement

    • What MetaCompliance Does

      • MetaCompliance Enables Policy Engagement Throughout the Policy Life Cycle

      • Foundational Capabilities in MetaCompliance

    • Benefits Organisations Can Expect with MetaCompliance

    • Considerations in Context of MetaCompliance

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