Greenlight Business Controls Automation



Redefining Control Automation, Monitoring & Enforcement

Gone are the days where internal controls were focused on random sampling and manual testing with point-in-time snapshots that led to lengthy audit cycles and lack full awareness. Today’s organization require full visibility into internal controls across systems, processes, transactions, and relationships. They need a unified internal control automation, monitoring, and remediation platform to deliver 360° contextual awareness of internal controls. 

Greenlight Technologies provides an Enterprise Business Controls Automation platform, which is a solution that GRC 20/20 has researched and evaluated that can manage controls, monitor activity, quantify impact, and automatically remediate risks across a breadth of 140+ systems, dozens of processes, and billions of transactions. The Greenlight solution delivers an enterprise internal control management platform that can be used to manage, deliver, and report on the range of controls across the business in a contextual understanding of the risk posture of the organization. 

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Table of Contents

  • Monitor, Respond, and Automate Effectively
    • Dynamic & Distributed Business is Difficult to Control
    • Siloed Approaches Lead to Inevitability of Failure in Controls
    • Providing 360° Contextual Awareness of Controls
  • Greenlight Business Controls Automation
    • Redefining Control Automation, Monitoring & Enforcement
    • What Greenlight Does
      • Foundational Capabilities in Greenlight
    • Benefits Organizations Can Expect with Greenlight
    • Considerations in Context of Greenlight

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