Delivering an Integrated view of G[P]RC to the Enterprise

Organizations need to traverse the transformative path from fragmented silos, through traditional GRC, to an integrated approach to G[P]RC. Adopting a robust G[P]RC platform is not just a technological upgrade but an organizational metamorphosis. This shift towards integration fortifies organizations against existing challenges and propels them into a realm of heightened adaptability and resilience. It is a clarion call for organizations to transcend the traditional and embrace the integrated future of G[P]RC, where governance, performance, risk management, and compliance converge into a strategic powerhouse.

Corporater is a GRC solution provider that GRC 20/20 has researched, evaluated, and reviewed with organizations that use it in distributed, dynamic, and disrupted business environments across industries and worldwide. Corporater is an agile and business-integrated GRC management platform that can manage a range of risk and compliance processes and configured for a range of other business processes as a business management platform. It differentiates itself by focusing on the business and performance first, and risk, compliance, and control are then managed in this context. It is a next-generation business management platform focusing on governance, performance, risk management, and compliance. 

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Table of Contents

  • Integrating Performance into GRC = G[P]RC

  • Corporater

    • Delivering an Integrated view of G[P]RC to the Enterprise

    • What Corporater Does

    • Foundational Capabilities in Corporater

    • Benefits Organizations Can Expect with Corporater

  • Considerations in Context of Corporater

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