ControlPanelGRC: Providing 360° Contextual Awareness of Access Risk & Controls



ControlPanelGRC: Providing 360° Contextual Awareness of Access Risk & Controls

Organizations are best served to take an enterprise and automated approach to access control management. This can then roll into risk management and reporting that is integrated with decision-making processes. To address access control risk, organizations are establishing an access control and SoD strategy with process and technology to build and maintain an access control program that balances business agility, control, and security to mitigate risk, reduce loss/exposure, and satisfy auditors and regulators, while enabling users to perform their jobs. When evaluating solutions for SoD and access control the organization needs solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and should look for a solution that provides the depth of analysis needed for their ERP application environment. 

ControlPanelGRC is a governance, risk, and compliance offering that GRC 20/20 has researched, evaluated, and reviewed with organizations that are using it in distributed and dynamic business environments. ControlPanelGRC provides a suite of automated control solutions for the SAP environment that covers SoD, access controls, process controls, security, and configuration controls all supported by analytics and reporting that enables efficient and effective audit and monitoring of SAP environments. 

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Table of Contents

  • Growing Need for Automated Access Control & Segregation of Duties

    • Moving to Automated Access Controls

  • ControlPanelGRC: Enabling 360° Control in SAP® Environments

    • Capabilities of ControlPanelGRC

    • Benefits of ControlPanelGRC

    • Considerations of ControlPanelGRC

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  • Research Methodology

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