Continuous Control Monitoring with SAP Process Control



Embedding CCM Into the Fabric of Business

Technology for internal control management, automation, and continuous monitoring enables organizations to achieve a real-time, integrated view of enterprise risks and controls across business processes and applications. This enables an enterprise perspective of controls while increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and agility in internal control management. 

SAP Process Control is a part of the broader SAP GRC suite that GRC 20/20 has researched and evaluated that can manage, monitor, automate, and enforce internal controls across an organization’s business applications, processes, and transactions. The SAP Process Control solution delivers an enterprise view of internal control documentation, monitoring, and automation. 

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Table of Contents

  • 360° Visibility into Business Controls is Needed
    • Dynamic & Distributed Business is Difficult to Control
    • Manual Approaches Lead to Inevitability of Failure in Controls
    • Providing 360° Awareness of Controls
  • SAP Process Control
    • Embedding GRC Into the Fabric of Business
    • What SAP Process Control Does
      • Foundational Capabilities in SAP Process Control
    • Benefits Organizations Can Expect with SAP Process Control
    • Considerations in Context of SAP Process Control

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