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Aligning Risk Management to Value and Objectives

Successful GRC management requires the organization to provide an integrated process, information, and technology architecture. The goal is to make complex information and connections easily understandable and give comprehensive straight forward insight into governance, risk management, and compliance. This helps to identify, analyze, manage and monitor GRC, and capture changes in the organization’s risk profile from internal and external events as they occur that can impact objectives. Mature GRC management is a seamless part of governance and operations. It requires the organization to take a top-down view of risk linked to objectives, led by the executives and the board. It also involves bottom-up participation where business functions at all levels identify and monitor uncertainty and the impact of objectives. While that may sound like hard work – and it is – organizations that get a good grip on their GRC initiatives have a much better chance of thriving in today’s complex business world.

avedos risk2value is a software solution spanning GRC functional areas that GRC 20/20 has researched and evaluated, that can manage objectives, risk, compliance, and controls in complex, distributed, and dynamic organizations. avedos’ risk2value solution delivers an integrated GRC management platform that can be used to manage, deliver, and report on the range of risk, compliance, and controls in contextual understanding of the business aim to increase value through objective and performance management.

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Table of Contents

  • The Interconnectedness of Risk
    • There are Three Legs to the GRC Stool
  • avedos risk2value
    • Aligning Risk Management to Value and Objectives
    • What avedos risk2value Does
      • avedos risk2value Enables the GRC Lifecycle
    • Foundational Capabilities in avedos risk2value
    • Benefits Organizations Can Expect with avedos risk2value
    • Considerations in Context of avedos risk2value

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