Acuity Risk Management STREAM



Delivering 360° Contextual Awareness & Clarity to Risk

The bottom line: Organizations need a mature risk management capability that brings together a coordinated strategy and processes. One that delivers an information and technology architecture that delivers 360° contextual awareness and clarity into risk. Technology enables these processes to work together and function, but it does not define them. This enables a risk information architecture that provides an integrated view of risks, compliance, controls, incidents, and more.

Acuity Risk Management STREAM is a solution that GRC 20/20 has researched, evaluated, and reviewed with organizations that are using it in distributed and dynamic business environments. STREAM is an integrated GRC management platform that can be used to manage a range of risk, compliance, and internal control initiatives across the business with a particular history focused on IT risk and control that allows the organization to expand to quantitative enterprise and operational risk management program. They deliver both on-premise and a cloud solution that has a modern information architecture. STREAM provides organizations with out-of-the-box GRC applications and the ability to configure them to the needs of an organization. 

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Table of Contents

  • Complexity in Business Requires Clarity in Risk
  • Acuity Risk Management STREAM
    • Delivering 360° Contextual Awareness & Clarity to Risk
    • STREAM Enables a Range of GRC Management Processes
    • Benefits Organizations Have Received with STREAM
    • Considerations in Context of STREAM

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