6clicks: Delivering Hub & Spoke™ GRC Engagement



Organizations need to reliably achieve objectives, manage uncertainty, and act with integrity.  This requires a 360° view of governance, risk management, and compliance within the organization and its relationships supported by an integrated information and technology architecture. Many organizations also require some level of autonomy within distributed businesses and operations while still providing centralized governance and reporting. This is also a need within professional service firms that manage a portfolio of clients in a GRC context. Organizations facing these challenges should look for technology that enables distributed and autonomous businesses to manage GRC in their context while still providing centralized governance, reporting, and benchmarking. 

6clicks is a software solution spanning GRC use case areas that GRC 20/20 has researched and evaluated. 6clicks provides a unique GRC platform that allows for a Hub and Spoke™ GRC model for diversified, distributed, and autonomous businesses to manage GRC in their particular context while providing consistency in overall governance, framework, reporting, and benchmarking across business areas. This includes delivering on enterprise and operational risk and compliance needs across industries and for various sizes and complex organizations. The solution provides an integrated information and application architecture to manage objectives, risk, compliance, and controls within and across complex, distributed, autonomous, and dynamic organizations. 

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Table of Contents

  • GRC Across Distributed & Autonomous Businesses

    • Delivering a Distributed but Integrated GRC Architecture

  • 6clicks

    • Delivering Hub & Spoke™ GRC Engagement

    • What 6clicks Does

      • 6clicks Enables GRC Engagement in a Hub and Spoke™ Model

      • Foundational Capabilities in 6clicks

    • Benefits Organizations Can Expect with 6clicks

    • Considerations in Context of 6clicks

  • About GRC 20/20 Research, LLC

  • Research Methodology

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