Policy on Writing Policies

Online Webinar

REGISTER Many organizations are finding that policy management is a mess. Particularly in a time of crisis when employees need consistency and a single view into policies. When policies are scattered in a variety of portals, in different templates, inconsistent writing styles and language usage . . . it all confuses employees and creates exposure […]

3 Steps to Integrate Regulatory Change Management into Operations

Online Webinar

REGISTER Being knowledgeable about laws and regulations does not make you compliant. That knowledge has to be applied to your specific organization and its context(s). Compliance requires applying regulatory change to the context of the business and monitoring adherence in that context. This requires an integrated view of both legal compliance that interprets laws and […]

Ensure Resilient & Agile Compliance in the Midst of Crisis

Online Webinar

REGISTER Organizations are in the midst of change as the world adapts to crisis and adapting business operations.  This requires a new degree of operational resiliency, but at the same time organizations have to remain compliant to their obligations.  Organizations need to have resilient and agile compliance processes to deal with crisis, navigate chaos, and […]

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