GRC 20/20 Analysts are Pundits . . .

pundit (pundit |ˈpəndit|)
noun: an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called on to give opinions about it.
synonym: expert, authority, specialist, doyen(ne), master, guru, sage, savant, maven, whiz.

Some major analyst firms think any smart youth fresh out of college can be made into an analyst that can define and understand billion dollar markets.  Other major analyst firms specialize in being academic ivory towers – their analysts might have experience but they are surrounded by arrogance and are untouchable.  Both of these directions lead to ignorance and influencing markets and recommending solutions in which the analysts do not have touch with reality.

At GRC 20/20 our analyts are pundits.  They are true experts in their areas of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) insight.  GRC 20/20 analysts have years of real-world feet on the ground experience and have demonstrated the ability to solve problems, understand what works and does not work, and can rely on experience to see where things are headed.

GRC 20/20 pundits have knowledge from the trenches, enjoy understanding and solving business problems, and have compassion and interest in our clients. GRC 20/20 analysts have the experience and skills to deliver to the board room, c-suite, and business executives that need to understand how to address GRC challenges in a dynamic, distributed, and disruptive business environment.

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