Key Steps to Implementing an Agile Policy Management Program

In today’s complex business environment, organisations need to be able to respond rapidly to any changes and adapt policies where necessary. The only way to adapt to the dynamic, disrupted, and distributed nature of business is to be agile. This requires organisations to have an agile policy management program in place so they can react […]

2021 GRC Trends – An Integrated Focus on Business Integrity & Resiliency

Compliance and ethics programs are rapidly evolving. Organizations are required to have a structured and functional compliance and ethics program that monitors compliance continuously in the context of operations, transactions, and people. A program that is no longer bound by manual processes and point in time evaluations, but one that is built on a common strategy, […]

Benefits of Using an Agile GRC Platform Instead of a Manual Process

Today’s organization is constantly changing: business is changing, processes are changing, the risk is changing. Governing the organization, managing uncertainty and risk, and maintaining organizational integrity is a challenge amidst continuous change. Organizations are struggling in this context with manual processes for GRC encumbered by spreadsheets, documents, and emails to assess, audit, manage, and monitor […]

Creating Audit Ready Access Control

In this webinar, we outline the design components and benefits of an automated audit ready access control system. Organizations must protect information and assets by controlling access to critical systems. If an unauthorized person receives access, it can result in misappropriation of information, theft of funds and intellectual property, or damage to operations. If someone […]

2021 GRC Trends and How MetricStream’s Latest Arno Release Can Help You Thrive on Risk

The risk and compliance landscape is getting increasingly convoluted due to technological, geopolitical, environmental, economic, and other factors. The sheer volume and velocity of interconnected risks emerging, along with the increasing need for risk aggregation, have made the frontline critical to proactive mitigation of risks.Join this webinar featuring Michael Rasmussen, Chief GRC Pundit, GRC 20/20 […]

Effective Key Risk Indicators for Financial Services Organisations

The financial services firm is dynamic. It is changing minute-by-minute and second-by-second. Regulations and enforcement are changing. Risk in internal and external business environments are changing. The business itself in its strategy, process, employees, technology, and relationships are changing. Financial services firms need agile and structured risk monitoring with effective key risk indicators to monitor […]

Accountability In Risk & Compliance: Addressing Accountability Regulations Around The World

Organizations, particularly financial services firms, are seeing a growing array of accountability regulations around the world. What started with the United Kingdom's Senior Managers Regime & Certification Regime (UK SMCR) has globally impacted financial services firms with operations in the United Kingdom. This has further expanded into other regimes such as Australia Banking Executive Accountability […]

Secure Your Business Strategy With a GRC Process-Driven Approach

Technology and information are pervasive across organizations. If not managed, IT risks become business risks.  In this webinar, MEGA’s Cyril Amblard-Ladurantie and GRC 20/20 analyst Michael Rasmussen will discuss emerging IT compliance and risk challenges and pitfalls; how to prioritize IT compliance initiatives and remediation plans based on business criticality; how to use automation to […]

Managing Risk in the Extended Enterprise

Today’s organization is not defined by brick and mortar walls and traditional employees. The modern organization is an extended web of relationships: vendors, suppliers, outsourcers, service providers, contractors, and more. Managing enterprise risk requires insight into risks within and across third-party relationships. Organizations need an integrated strategy for enterprise and operational risk management that includes […]

Everything Starts with Policies

When an organization fails to establish strong policies, the organization quickly becomes something it never intended. Good policies define the organization’s governance posture, corporate culture, behavioural boundaries, and objectives. Without the guidance provided by well-written and effectively managed policies, corporate culture may morph and take the organization down unintended paths. Good policies define the organization’s […]

Defining Risk in A New Operating Model

Technology and information are pervasive across organizations. If not managed, IT risks become business risks.  In this webinar, MEGA’s Cyril Amblard-Ladurantie and GRC 20/20 analyst Michael Rasmussen will discuss emerging IT compliance and risk challenges and pitfalls; how to prioritize IT compliance initiatives and remediation plans based on business criticality; how to use automation to […]

Providing Post-Pandemic Assurance: Audit’s Critical Role in the ‘New Normal’

The pandemic challenged audit with providing assurance to the organization as objectives shifted, processes changed, staff was reduced, roles and responsibilities evolved, and employees moved quickly to a work form home environment. Organizations learned firsthand about the interconnectedness of risk as a health and safety risk proved to be the initial domino that knocked over […]

Deconstructing 3rd Party Incidents

Issues and incidents in third parties are the organization’s incidents and issues. These incidents, such as a data breach, costs the organization more when it involves a third-party. Incidents in third-party relationships can happen in a variety of ways that impact data privacy, security, human rights, resiliency and delivery and more. In this webinar we […]

Engaging Employees And Developing An Ethical Culture Of Responsibility

Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) is the capability to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity. This last piece of GRC is critical: at its foundation GRC is about the integrity of the organization. While objectives can be achieved in many unethical ways, organizations need to shift their thinking of GRC and […]

The Importance of Legal Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

This panel will discuss the ”new paradigm” of Legal Governance, Risk Management, & Compliance (LGRC). The legal department’s effect and overlap on governance require businesses to adopt GRC. Organizations must expand their current GRC plan to achieve the legal department’s objectives while aligning the company’s business objectives. The panel will discuss the various strategies business leaders can implement, including new business objectives and technology architecture […]

Corporate Integrity: Providing Defensibility in Compliance & Ethics

Ethics and compliance have become front and center issues from the board down into operations of the organization. Organizations aim to clearly define their values, ethics, as well as a commitment to regulations and obligations and demonstrate their integrity to stakeholders, regulators, employees, clients, as well as society in general. So much effort is going […]

Riding the Waves of Regulatory Change

With a constant influx of new and changing regulatory requirements with increased scrutiny and enforcement, organizations can quickly fall behind and be drawn into a churn of reactive activities that distract from business objectives and use up valuable resources.   This session will discuss how organizations can strategically design their regulatory processes to address constant […]

Managing Third-Party Risk Throughout the Supplier Lifecycle

The extended enterprise is a risk management challenge. The volume, variety, and velocity of third-party relationships across an organization's supply chain creates an interconnected and interdependent risk environment. Organizations today require 360° visibility into risk across its supplier relationships. These risks span security, privacy, human rights, bribery/corruption, resiliency, and more. This means contextual insight and […]

Addressing Regulatory Change: Trends and Innovations

Join us as we discuss how to make regulatory change management efficient, effective, and agile.  While deregulation has been a trend over the past few years, regulatory change and policy management remain a top focus for enterprises of all sizes. How will your organization navigate new regulatory requirements efficiently and effectively? What is the role […]