Engaging Employees And Developing An Ethical Culture Of Responsibility

Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) is the capability to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty, and act with integrity. This last piece of GRC is critical: at its foundation GRC is about the integrity of the organization. While objectives can be achieved in many unethical ways, organizations need to shift their thinking of GRC and […]

The Importance of Legal Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

This panel will discuss the ”new paradigm” of Legal Governance, Risk Management, & Compliance (LGRC). The legal department’s effect and overlap on governance require businesses to adopt GRC. Organizations must expand their current GRC plan to achieve the legal department’s objectives while aligning the company’s business objectives. The panel will discuss the various strategies business leaders can implement, including new business objectives and technology architecture […]

Corporate Integrity: Providing Defensibility in Compliance & Ethics

Ethics and compliance have become front and center issues from the board down into operations of the organization. Organizations aim to clearly define their values, ethics, as well as a commitment to regulations and obligations and demonstrate their integrity to stakeholders, regulators, employees, clients, as well as society in general. So much effort is going […]

Riding the Waves of Regulatory Change

With a constant influx of new and changing regulatory requirements with increased scrutiny and enforcement, organizations can quickly fall behind and be drawn into a churn of reactive activities that distract from business objectives and use up valuable resources.   This session will discuss how organizations can strategically design their regulatory processes to address constant […]

Managing Third-Party Risk Throughout the Supplier Lifecycle

The extended enterprise is a risk management challenge. The volume, variety, and velocity of third-party relationships across an organization's supply chain creates an interconnected and interdependent risk environment. Organizations today require 360° visibility into risk across its supplier relationships. These risks span security, privacy, human rights, bribery/corruption, resiliency, and more. This means contextual insight and […]

Addressing Regulatory Change: Trends and Innovations

Join us as we discuss how to make regulatory change management efficient, effective, and agile.  While deregulation has been a trend over the past few years, regulatory change and policy management remain a top focus for enterprises of all sizes. How will your organization navigate new regulatory requirements efficiently and effectively? What is the role […]

Developing an Integrated Approach to Privacy & Security in the Modern Enterprise

Business is dynamic, distributed, and disrupted. It is changing moment by moment throughout every day. The continuous change of business, risks, and regulations puts data protection of personal information always in a state of flux. Organizations need an integrated privacy and data protection/security strategy to monitor and maintain the privacy and protection of personal information, […]

Transition to Modern Compliance Management:

Role of Technology and Best Practices Compliance modernization requires an across-the-board change – a cultural shift from organizations reacting to problems to proactively analyzing the data to look for opportunities. The new focus on investments around compliance efforts approaches compliance as a strategic investment that helps organizations reduce organizational and individual risks, uncovers data for […]

Putting the G in GRC: the Role of the Board in GRC

The GRC Red Flags SeriesPutting the G in GRC - the Role of the Board in GRC Gone are the years of simplicity in business operations. Exponential growth and changes in risks, regulations, globalization, distributed operations, competitive velocity, technology, and business data encumber organizations of all sizes. Keeping business strategy, performance, uncertainty, complexity, and change […]

Best Practices for Operational Risk & Agility

Enterprise and operational risk management programs are evolving to address agility and resiliency of the organization. Does your organization have the right tools and processes in place to properly manage and adapt to risk in today’s climate? Join LogicGate’s CEO, Matt Kunkel, and GRC Pundit, Michael Rasmussen, as they deep dive into what it takes […]

Direction of the Industry: The Need for a Modern 3rd Party GRC

Gain 3rd party expert insights from JustProtect CEO Vikas Bhatia and GRC 20/20 Research LLC's Michael Rasmussen, with special guest Glenn Peters from Tutela Solutions. The extended enterprise has fundamentally changed the organization. It is no longer defined by brick and mortar walls and traditional employees. The modern organization is comprised of an extended web […]

Singapore IACG – Driving Cultural Transformation across Compliance

As the deadline for the implementation of the IAC Guidelines approaches, how can RegTech solutions remove the friction surrounding governance, risk and compliance and assist Financial Institutions in adopting best practice? Join us on June 29th for an exclusive webinar organised in collaboration with compliance experts and Ideagen,leading provider of regulatory and compliance software. Drawing from their extensive […]

GRC in 2021 – Demonstrate Value Fast with your Program

Today’s distributed, dynamic, and disrupted business has to navigate the velocity of risks which demands agility, resilience, and integrity. Effective decision-making around risks and compliance has long been a core differentiator between companies that simply survive and those that thrive. As organizations accelerate in their GRC maturity, this all too often results in more complexity […]

The Agile & Resilient Organization: Thinking Creatively About Risk

Enterprise and operational risk management programs are evolving to address agility and resiliency of the organization. Risk needs to be aligned with organization strategy, performance, and objectives to enable agility. But to achieve resiliency, you also need to understand the interconnectedness and exposure of risk down in the depths of the organization. This requires that […]

Operational Resiliency and the Future of Risk & Resiliency Management

The GRC Red Flags Series with Michael Rasmussen:  Operational Resiliency and the Future of Risk & Resiliency Management Firms globally and across industries are focusing on risk and resiliency. The organization has to maintain operations in the midst of uncertainty and change, and this is becoming a key regulatory requirement in some industries (e.g., financial […]

3 Keys to Successful Hybrid Risk & Compliance Programs

Over the last year risk and compliance leaders were forced into many hurry-up decisions to try and maintain compliance. As companies scrambled to address the many issues introduced by COVID-19 risks such as rogue policies and outdated controls increased. Enforcing compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA or HIPAA also became much more challenging with employees working from home.  How do you effectively mitigate these […]

Creating a Corporate Strategy for ESG Success

ESG initiatives are gaining more traction than ever. Organizations have realized that it is important to maintain a high ESG rating by looking at how they are conducting their business operations, not just how much money they are making. Socially responsible organizations are adopting an ESG strategy as an important element of their long-term vision. […]

Navigating Privacy Regulations in 2021 and Building a Privacy Program

The GRC Red Flags Series with Michael Rasmussen:  Navigating Privacy Regulations in 2021 and Building a Privacy Program Privacy has become a field of landmines that organizations have to navigate through carefully. From the EU GDPR, California’s CCPA, South Africa POPIA, Canada’s PIPEDA, Australia’s Privacy Act, . . . the list goes on and on […]

Data Privacy Management: How to be a good steward

With digital transformation being accelerated by the pandemic, enterprises are struggling to balance providing personalized services to consumers, while maintaining privacy. A survey conducted by IBM and Harris of 10,000 global consumers found that “75 percent will not buy a product from a company – no matter how great the products are – if they […]

Managing Third-Party ESG Risk Across the Extended Enterprise

Organizations are increasingly challenged to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and reporting because stakeholders, customers, employees, and investors want to ensure that the companies they interact with and invest in share the same values and commitments that they do. Regulators are also taking notice with ESG reporting requirements now a global reality. Attend […]