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GRC Trends That Will Define 2024 

February 27 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am Sydney

Join us for an insightful discussion as industry experts Michael Rasmussen, Director at GRC 20/20 Research, and Darren Jacobs, Chief Product Officer at Readinow, collaborate to explore the future of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) in 2024.

In a year sure to be defined by a rapidly changing technological landscape, this webinar provides an exclusive opportunity to explore the dynamic GRC environment. Get ready to glean invaluable insights from two seasoned experts in the field as they share perspectives on top trends, the pivotal role of software in digital transformation, the impact of AI on GRC, and effective management strategies that will define GRC in 2024.

What’s Covered?

  • Unveiling the Top Trends in GRC 2024: Explore the most impactful trends shaping GRC practices with insights from Michael Rasmussen, providing a roadmap for your organisation’s success.
  • The Role of Software in Driving Digital Transformation: Understand the critical connection between software solutions and the digital transformation journey as Darren Jacobs explores real-world examples of success stories.
  • Harnessing the Power of AI in GRC: Gain insights into the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in GRC as both speakers shed light on how it can elevate your risk and compliance management strategies.
  • Strategies for Effective GRC Management in 2024: Learn practical insights and actionable strategies from industry leaders on managing GRC effectively in the ever-changing landscape.
  • Exploring Opportunities in 2024: Identify key opportunities that lie ahead and learn how to position your organisation for success in the GRC landscape of 2024.
  • Live Q&A session with Michael Rasmussen and Darren Jacobs
  • Live demo of ReadiNow’s AI-driven GRC Platform

GRC 20/20 Analyst will be presenting at the event . . .

Michael Rasmussen

Michael Rasmussen is an internationally recognized pundit on governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) – with specific expertise on enterprise GRC strategy and processes supported by robust information and technology architectures.  With 30+ years of experience, Michael helps organizations improve GRC strategy and processes supported by the correct GRC technology architecture. This enables organizations to align GRC with the business and deliver effective, efficient, resilient, and agile capabilities to the organization.  He is a sought-after keynote speaker, author, and advisor and is noted as the “Father of GRC” — the first to define and model the GRC market in February 2002 while at Forrester.

ReadiNow is a No-code platform. We empower organisations to transform their organisational processes to improve business performance with our all-in-one No-code Platform. In addition to empowering our customers to create their own bespoke solutions, we offer modules for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) needs. Our end-to-end complete suite of solutions includes Business Continuity Management, Corporate Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Vendor Management, Audit Management, Workplace, Health and Safety (WHS), IT Disaster Recovery, and much more. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, we service a global customer base across multiple industries including Banks, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Government, Retail, and manufacturing.

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