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How to Market & Sell ESG Solutions & Services

Do not let the title fool you. While this is delivered with a perspective toward ESG solutions and service providers, the content is also very appropriate to any organization standing up an ESG strategy, program, and reporting.

The ESG market is complicated and diverse. From broad requirements like the EU CSRD and now the EU CSDDD, to very specific niche requirements. ESG is a fast moving market with a lot of momentum, but also a lot of nuances. 

Marketing and selling ESG-related solutions to organizations requires a detailed understanding of geographic differences, industry views, roles and departments, and drivers and trends. Whether you are selling a broad ESG reporting platform or a very specific best-of-breed solution that solves focused needs in ESG, your team must have a clear understanding of how to find and connect to prospects looking for solutions

Solution providers fail to find and engage prospects because they do not know the details of the requirements and how to connect with buyers. 

This 2-hour GRC 20/20 Research Briefing aims at helping ESG solution and service providers improve their marketing and sales practices to better connect with and close deals. Attendees learn:

  • Drivers and Trends. What are the latest drivers and trends in the ESG market.
  • ESG Regulatory Map. A map of regulatory obligations related to ESG and their requirements. 
  • Industry Personas. What is critical and hot within industry segments.
  • Role/Department Personas. What are the different roles/functions that buy ESG related solutions and what are their needs.
  • Where and How to Connect. What are the leading industry, media, events, and trade associations connected to various roles.

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