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The GRC market is a fast moving market with a lot of momentum, but also a lot of nuances. Marketing and selling the variety of GRC related solutions to organizations requires a detailed understanding of industry personas, role personas, geographic differences, and drivers and trends. Whether you are selling a broad GRC platform or a very specific best-of-breed solution that solves focused needs in GRC, it is essential that your team have a clear understanding of how to find and connect to prospects looking for solutions

Solution providers fail to find and engage prospects because they do not know how to connect with and to them. And when they do, they fail for not addressing RFPs correctly, not taking a maturity approach to selling to prospects, and too often over-selling (or even under-selling) a GRC solution.

This 2-hour GRC 20/20 Research Briefing aims at helping GRC solution and service providers improve their marketing and sales practices to better connect with and close deals. Attendees learn:

  • Drivers and Trends. What are the latest drivers and trends in the GRC market.
  • Industry Personas. What is critical and hot within industry segments.
  • Role/Department Personas. What are the different roles/functions that buy GRC related solutions and what are their needs (e.g., compliance, IT, risk management, procurement, audit, legal, and more)
  • Where and How to Connect. What are the leading industry, media, events, and trade associations connected to various roles.
  • Content Strategy. How to develop a winning content strategy with a steady stream of blogs, events, and other content.
  • Case Studies in Successful and Unsuccessful Prospect Engagement. What works and what doesn’t work. How to find and win deals, and how some find and lose them.
  • Maturity-Based GRC Selling. How to identify where your prospect is at and where they are going to sell them what they need.