The healthcare sector is ensnared in a relentless vortex of risk and regulation amid unanticipated disruptions and transformations. Navigating through this dynamic environment, healthcare entities grapple with a myriad of compliance obligations and frustrations that encompass patient safety, privacy, information security, operational practices, service delivery, billing protocols, and electronic medical records management.

Maintaining steadfast compliance and risk mitigation during times of smooth operation is challenging enough; doing so amid continuous change magnifies the challenge exponentially. Healthcare organizations frequently approach risk and compliance separately with a disjointed strategy that relies heavily on isolated documents, spreadsheets, emails, or outdated solutions, inadvertently escalating the cost, complexity, and risk of ensuring compliance.

Some of the compliance struggles within healthcare include . . .

[The rest of this blog can be read on the SimpleRisk blog, where GRC 20/20’s Michael Rasmussen is a guest author]

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