‍GRC 20/20’s Michael Rasmussen will be speaking on the topic of this blog in the webinar: Navigating Complexity & Chaos: Approaching Regulatory Requirements Across Jurisdictions with Control Automation!

Complex problems often have a solution that is understandable, simple, and uncomplicated – and usually wrong. 

How can we expect that to be different from business operations? The years of simplicity are gone!

Exponential growth and change in risks, regulations, globalization, distributed operations, competitive velocity, technology, and business data encumber organizations of all sizes. Keeping business strategy, performance, uncertainty, complexity, and change in sync is a significant challenge for boards, executives, and management professionals throughout all levels of the business

The physicist Fritjof Capra once said, “The more we study the major problems of our time, the more we come to realize that they cannot be understood in isolation. They are systemic problems, which means that they are interconnected and interdependent.” Capra was making the point that ecosystems are complex and interconnected and require a holistic, contextual awareness of the intricacy of interconnectedness as an integrated whole – rather than a dissociated collection of systems and parts. Risk and control in one area have cascading effects that impact the entire ecosystem . . .

[The rest of this blog can be read on the VOQUZ Labs blog, where GRC 20/20’s Michael Rasmussen is a guest author]

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