On 30th July, ClauseMatch hosted a Policy Management Workshop with Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) expert Michael Rasmussen in Singapore, the first in our global series that aim to provide a blueprint for attendees on effective policy management in today’s dynamic business, regulatory and risk environment. We caught up with Michael after the workshop to hear his summary of the main event.

ClauseMatch: Firstly, let’s recap on why we’ve decided to host a workshop in Singapore (our first in Asia).

Michael: Singapore is one of Asia’s most important business and financial hubs. There are many multinational companies based here that have operations across the region, which presents a significant challenge for compliance and risk officers in terms of policy management, particularly when you take into account the different jurisdictions and regulations that need to be complied with. 

ClauseMatch: Are there any major regulatory changes on the horizon that companies need to be aware of here in Singapore?

Michael: In April 2018 the . . .

[the rest of this article can be found as a guest blog that GRC 20/20 was part of on www.clausematch.com]

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