What do you need to include in a GRC RFP? We asked one of the experts in this interview.

Enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) strategies can help organizations across the board become more efficient and agile in navigating the ever-changing regulatory and risk environment. However, in order to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and agility, organizations need to approach GRC with a collaborative, inter-departmental strategy.To make GRC software implementation as strong as possible, organizations should have a clear business case, strategy with defined goals, and detailed system requirements.

We sat down with Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 to talk about the components of a successful GRC business case and strategy, how to understand the range of GRC capabilities, how to navigate selecting a solution, and what to include in a GRC RFP. Here are some of his responses.

The value of GRC

Eric Goldberg: How do we go about articulating the value, or the ROI, of a GRC strategy?

Michael Rasmussen: It starts with finding . . .

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