GRC 20/20 is accepting nominations for the 2019 GRC User Experience Awards!

Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) is a part of everyone’s job. Too often we shovel GRC into the bowels of the organization thinking it is the responsibility of the obscure and behind-the-scenes individuals in the back office of GRC in the organization. The user experience for GRC related solutions has been typically poor in most organizations, resulting in time-consuming and redundant processes.

The core of GRC related technologies is operationalizing GRC across the fabric of business. This involves employee engagement in GRC related solutions with systems that are simple, mobile and easy to use from the frontline of the business to the back-office operations of GRC.

GRC 20/20 measures the value of GRC engagement around the elements of efficiency, effectiveness and agility. Organizations need to be:

  • Efficient:GRC engagement provides efficiency and savings in both human and financial capital. GRC should reduce operational costs by providing access to the right information at the right time for employees, and reduce the time spent searching for answers (or just giving up). GRC efficiency is achieved when there is a measurable reduction in human and financial capital resources needed to address GRC in the context of business operations.
  • Effective:At the end of the day it is about effectiveness. How does the organization ensure risk and compliance is effectively understood, monitored and managed at all levels of the organization? That policies are not only read but understood, that employees are trained properly, that they know how to ask questions when in doubt, to report issues and how to be intelligent about risk in their specific context.
  • Agile:GRC engagement delivers business agility when organizations can respond rapidly to changes in the business environment (e.g., employees, business relationships, mergers and acquisitions, new laws and regulations) and communicate to employees GRC context to these changes. GRC engagement is measured in responsiveness to events and issues so organizations can identify and react quickly to incidents because they are reported in a timely manner.

Employee engagement in GRC requires GRC technologies to extend across the organization: Even to extended third party relationships such as vendor, suppliers, agents, contractors, outsourcers, services providers, consultants and temporary workers. To engage stakeholders at all levels of the organization requires GRC technologies are relevant, intuitive, easy to use and attractive. Employees live their personal and professional lives in a social-technology permeated world. GRC needs to engage employees and not frustrate or bore them. It has to be easy to use and interact with.

It has been stated that:

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.This quote has been attributed both to Einstein and E.F. Schumacher.

A primary directive of GRC related technologies is to provide GRC engagement that is simple yet gets the job done. Like Apple with its innovative technologies, organizations must approach GRC engagement in a way that re-architects the way it works as well as the way it interacts. The  goal is simple; it is itself Simplicity. Simplicity is often equated with minimalism. Yet true simplicity is more than just absence of clutter or removal of embellishment. It’s about offering up the right GRC information, in the right place, when the individual needs it. It’s about bringing interaction and engagement to GRC process and data. GRC interactions should be intuitive.

The 2019 GRC User Experience Award nominations will be accepted through 31 January 2019 (no exceptions, nomination form closes down at midnight CDT on 31 January). Recipients will be determined by end of March, write-ups for each recipient (one per category) will be completed in April and May with announcements in June 2019. Each recipient of an award will be written up and acknowledged.

The seventeen categories for submission are:

  • Audit Management & Analytics User Experience
  • Automated / Continuous Control User Experience
  • Business Continuity Management User Experience
  • Compliance & Ethics Management User Experience
  • Enterprise GRC User Experience
  • Environmental, Health &; Safety User Experience
  • IT GRC/Information Security User Experience
  • Internal Control Management User Experience
  • Issue Reporting & Case Management User Experience
  • Know Your Customer User Experience
  • Legal Management User Experience
  • Physical Security Management User Experience
  • Policy & Training Management User Experience
  • Quality Management User Experience
  • Reputation & Responsibility User Experience
  • Risk Management Value User Experience
  • Strategy & Performance User Experience
  • Third Party Management User Experience

Please submit nominations before midnight on 31 January  2019.

2019 GRC User Experience Nomination Form

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