The UK Senior Manager’s Regime and Certification Regime (UK SMR/CR) is one of the most significant challenges financial services firms are facing right now. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently announced that this regulation is going to be applied to all firms governed by the FCA: over 58,000 organizations. This is the governing regulation of all regulation and risk as it enforces senior manager/executive accountability for all aspects of risk and compliance. It puts personal accountability on senior directors and executives on risk, compliance, and control. These individuals could go to jail or be personally fined (and their organization cannot reimburse them). The fines and actions are against them personally. For example, Barclay’s CEO was recently fined £640,000 personally under UK SMR/CR. It is the UK SMR/CR regulation that sees that other regulations as well as risks are properly managed in the organization.

Compliance to UK SMR/CR is a huge issue and is the next wave of compliance and accountability. This is not just a UK trend, but a global shift in personal accountability and responsibility to senior executives and directors that is taking shape around the world. Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Ireland, and even New York (more of a board focus) all have similar developing legislation/regulation in varying aspects . . .

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