Business operations are becoming increasingly complex. Multiple factors including – exponential growth and change in risks, regulations, globalization, distributed operations, processes, technologies are impacting organizations of all sizes. Managing this change and deriving meaningful information for decision making is a significant challenge for boards, executives, and GRC professionals. Many organizations continue to lag as risks are managed in disconnected silos without collaborating and sharing information. Without an integrated risk information architecture, organizations are challenged to build risk knowledge from scattered data points residing in silos.

Join this session, where experts will discuss how to address the challenge of herding the silos of risk, and established a structured and systemic approach to risk management unified with clear visibility into the top risks affecting each business unit and the company overall.

Join this webinar with executives GRC 20/20 Research as they discuss:

  • The challenges organizations face
  • The solution: How to establish a structured and systemic approach to risk management
  • How to enable a Risk Management Architecture for ERM and Beyond
  • Key components to consider and best practices to follow
  • Defining the technology infrastructure necessary to support a unified and sustainable ERM approach
  • Organizational benefits: by implementing a holistic, integrated, and optimized risk framework

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