GRC 20/20 Workshops provide interactive training to groups of people on a range of GRC topics. These workshops provide a collaborative learning environment in which the attendees will be guided through lectures, problems, activities, and discussion.

GRC 20/20 can be engaged to deliver workshops internally to organizations as well as sponsored by GRC solution providers for their clients and prospects. GRC 20/20 regularly teaches the following workshops throughout the world in 1/2-day, full-day, and multi-day formats . . .

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Organizations are challenged to develop risk management processes. Some of these challenges come at department levels, while others try to build an enterprise risk management strategy. It can be bewildering to make sense of risk management and its varying implementations like enterprise, operational, legal/ regulatory, 3rd party, strategic, insurance, and hazard risks. This workshop aims to help organizations provide clarity to risk management strategies. Attendees learn effective risk management strategies and techniques that can be applied to departmental risk initiatives as well as a broad enterprise risk management strategy.

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  • Risk managers and officers responsible for leading and managing risk 
  • Business managers whose job responsibilities include risk management and risk ownership 
  • Executives and governance personnel who have to oversea risk 
  • Audit personnel that use risk to drive audit plans and provide assurance on risk management 
  • Security, health and safety, project management, compliance, and other personnel who are involved in risk management

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  1. Overview of risk management 
    • Why risk management? 
    • Definitions and views of risk management 
    • Principles of risk management 
    • Risk culture 
  2. Risk Management Frameworks 
    • ISO 31000 
    • COSO ERM 
    • OCEG GRC Capability Model 
    • Others frameworks 
  3. Risk Taxonomies 
    • Risk identification 
    • Developing a risk taxonomy/hierarchy 
    • Risk interrelationships 
    • Risk ownership and accountability 
  4. Risk Management Process 
    • Internal and external contexts of risk 
    • Risk assessment 
    • Risk analysis 
    • Risk decision making 
    • Risk monitoring 
  5. Risk Assessment & Analysis Techniques 
    • Attributes of risk 
    • Risk assessment techniques 
    • Risk workshops and facilitation 
    • Risk analysis and modeling 
  6. Risk Reporting & Monitoring 
    • Risk tolerance and appetite 
    • Risk dashboards 
    • Key Risk Indicators 
    • Risk accountability 
  7. Role of Technology in Managing Risk 
    • Risk Management Solutions 
    • Developing a Risk Technology Strategy 
  8. Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance 
    • Governance of risk 
    • Role of risk management 
    • Compliance and control to address risk 
    • Components of a risk management policy 
    • Integrated strategies for effective risk management 

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