The 2014 GRC Value awards are to recognize GRC solutions that have returned significant and measurable value to an organization.

Whether technology, content, or professional service providers – all can submit an award about a solution or service.  However, the nomination must be on a specific implementation/project in a verifiable client.  No generalizations or consolidations of multiple clients.  The GRC Value awards are to acknowledge specific QUANTIFIABLE value in a specific instance.  Every nominee if selected for final recognition (both solution provider and client) must be willing to spend up to an hour on the phone (separately and not together) to discuss the submission and validate accuracy of submission.  Only the top nominations in each category will go through the validation process. 

All award submissions are based on a single real-world implementation.   Factual accuracy and integrity is necessary.  GRC 20/20 will take all the nominations and select in each category the submissions that articulate the greatest quantifiable value in objective, measurable terms.  We are looking for hard facts not just soft bullet points.  Time saved, dollars saved, FTEs reduced.  Numbers win, generalizations lose.  Every submission must have contact information of the organization that claims to have received this value.  These organizations will be contacted and interviewed to determine if they have actually received the stated value as portrayed.  Any misrepresentation of issues found will disqualify the nomination from receiving the award and the next set of nominations in each category will be evaluated.   

Each recipient of an award will be written up and acknowledged.  Details of the nomination will be referred to but can be handled anonymously (if formally requested) in award announcements/communications from GRC 20/20.

Nominations must be received by June 30, 2014.  Recipients will be notified in August 2014 at least two weeks before formal announcements/publications are made in early September 2014.

Download the nomination form:

{rsfiles path=”2014 GRC Value Nomination Form.docx”}


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