The 2014 GRC Technology Innovation Awards was filled with competition.   Nominations increased to 62 over last year’s awards, and fifteen winners were selected.  GRC 20/20 looked through all of the submissions, asked for clarification where needed, and selected15 recipients that demonstrated outside the box thinking in taking GRC in new directions to receive this year’s award.

MetricStream Offers Capability to Actively Deliver GRC Content from Multiple Sources

MetricStream’s is an innovative cloud-based content portal that enables GRC professionals to access and integrate the latest GRC content from a variety of knowledge providers and information sources through a single online content store – makes curated intelligence available to all users within the enterprise adding significant value and increasing the effectiveness of the GRC program within the organization. The portal is integrated with MetricStream GRC Platform, thus providing subscribers with content updates and notifications directly within the MetricStream GRC application.

GRCIntelligence includes:

  • Curated content store. The portal serves as a one-stop shop for curated intelligence sources from partners and domain experts across industries for all GRC needs.
  • Direct delivery model. Automatically delivers subscribed content from the content store into the subscriber’s MetricStream GRC application through the GRCIntelligence application.
  • Content recommendations engine. Content recommendations engine within the MetricStream application based on user activity and social profiles. enables GRC practitioners across the enterprise to purchase contextually relevant GRC content via credit card or purchase orders and have the content delivered automatically into their MetricStream GRC application for immediate use. This paradigm shift enables organizations to source and integrate GRC content from multiple sources across risk, compliance and audit with their MetricStream GRC applications in real-time. It also allows content updates to be notified to end-users via RSS feeds, system alerts or email.

The portal currently offers content from more than 50 content partners and sources including Unified Compliance Framework (UCF), Risk Spotlight, Shared Assessments, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and Clear Market Practices, and is adding new content partners and sources to its portfolio. A subscriber can choose from a range of content sources including regulatory updates, risk and control libraries, policy updates, market intelligence, and news feeds to receive periodic updates. The portal allows users to identify relevant content by leveraging features such as capability to filter results by content type, industry, role, and function with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The content is delivered into the subscriber’s MetricStream GRC application through channels that are setup in the GRCIntelligence application layer within the client installation of MetricStream. Once the content is in, MetricStream users have the capability to review the content, identify internal action items, log issues, trigger workflows, and notify users. The incoming content is stored in the Big Data store within the MetricStream client application and it can be selectively pushed into operational data store within MetricStream applications.

To learn more about the GRC 20/20 2014 GRC Innovation Awards and other recipients, please visit this post: GRC 20/20 Announces 2014 GRC Innovation Award Recipients

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