GRC 20/20 Research awarded CMO COMPLIANCE its 2013 GRC Value award in the Environmental Health and Safety category. The CMO COMPLIANCE HSEQ solution was implemented for a contractor. and replaced numerous department and division solutions with a central solution, streamlining ISO certification, and saving them at least one month worth of additional FTE that would have been dedicated to ISO Certification management.

CMO COMPLIANCE is a Web-based and mobile enterprise GRC and health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) management system, offering a variety of modules and solutions to clients across multiple verticals (mining, oil and gas, energy, healthcare, infrastructure, transportation, government, manufacturing, construction, food and retail and more).

The contractor continues to discover new ways to streamline and save with the solution. Efforts to measure different ways CMO COMPLIANCE is saving money, including reduction of the number of incidents, are still developing and will continue.

Measurable change

As a result of the CMO COMPLIANCE solution, the contractors audit and inspection to reporting process has been reduced by 80 percent with the deployment of the mobile solution. Field employees can now perform their audits and inspections offline, sync the information back to CMO COMPLIANCE and reports are then automatically generated and sent out to appropriate personnel. This used to be done in the field, then entered into a system back in the office.

Audit performance time has been decreased by 25 percent with the creation of automated workflows and default responses to pick from drop-downs, reducing data entry time.

Incident reporting, investigation and closure process has been decreased by 15 percent. This has been mostly aided by the workflow and notification process afforded by CMO COMPLIANCE, that routes information to the appropriate parties, and escalates overdue items, thus increasing accountability.

The contractor  estimates automatic report generation has meant a reduction in 51 FTE hours per month. CMO COMPLIANCE also offers the ability to design its own forms and workflow — a process that takes an average 200 hours for a MS Developer in SharePoint can now be completed in 30 minutes to 1 day depending upon complexity and user knowledge.

A fast, efficient management solution

The contractors ISO certification body, when brought in to do initial assessment of their management systems were shown CMO COMPLIANCE. The solution made the process particularly easy, since the solution is also used by the auditors. CMO COMPLIANCE streamlined ISO certification for the contractors ongoing effort with ISO management and renewal. The initial estimated savings associated with this process was one month worth of additional FTE that would have been dedicated to ISO Certification management.

The contractor also uses the solution to centralize and standardize incident and investigation management, audit and inspection management, permit management, compliance management, environmental monitoring and reporting, and contract change management.

CMO COMPLIANCE is allowing the contractor to achieve its initiative, which is the centralization of multiple systems into single systems — including EHS but also quality, and compliance. Future phases include integration with SharePoint and SAP.

More than 20 solutions, down to one

CMO COMPLIANCE replaced more than 20 solutions across multiple departments and divisions. The replacement has meant a ROI savings of $2 million per year, but the ROI is not yet completed and this number will likely grow. This not only includes the reduction in annual support and maintenance fees for other solutions, but also a reduction in IT infrastructure and resourcing costs.

The value of having everyone use the same system means that all employees, contractors, and clients are speaking the same language when it comes to EHS, quality and compliance management. This allows the contractor  to have companywide user groups and drive process improvement and information sharing to continually enhance the way it operates.

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