About GRC 20/20 Research, LLC

20/20 vision is perfect clarity in sight: clarity to see and process surrounding context and achieve situational awareness — to observe the world around you, be aware of risks, and react accordingly.

Clarity of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

GRC 20/20 Research, LLC (GRC 20/20) provides clarity of insight into governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC)  solutions and strategies through objective market research, benchmarking, training, and analysis. We provide independent and objective insight into leading GRC practices and processes, including market dynamics and intelligence; risk, regulatory and technology trends; competitive landscapes; market sizing; expenditure priorities; and mergers and acquisitions.

GRC 20/20 advises the entire ecosystem of GRC solution purchasers within organizations, professional service firms, and solution providers.  We serve the needs of organizations that seek clarity, guidance and advice in dealing with a dizzying array of disruptive issues, processes, information and technologies while trying to maintain control of a distributed and dynamic business environment.  Whether focused on a specific risk, regulation, department, or enterprise GRC strategy, organizations seek clarity through GRC 20/20.  This clarity is delivered through analysts with real-world expertise, independence, creativity, and objectivity that understand GRC challenges and how to solve them practically and not just theoretically.  Our clients include Fortune 1000 companies, major professional service firms, and an array of GRC solution providers who require our research and advise to apply strategies and technology to meet the GRC challenges they face. 

GRC 20/20 is a:

  1. Buyer advocate.  We assist those purchasing GRC solutions  to help them navigate hyperbole to select solutions that are practical and deliver on requirements.  

    Simply, we help buyers select the right solution(s) for their needs and get the most out of their investment.

  2. Solution strategist.  We guide GRC solution providers in understanding the demand and needs of buyers and improve product, marketing, competitive, sales, partner, content, and growth strategies.  

    Simply, we make good GRC solutions into great GRC solutions.

  3. Market evangelist.  We educate and evangelize GRC strategies that deliver value and results through advocacy of technology, content, and services in making GRC processes efficient, effective and agile.

    Simply, we define the future of GRC and understand where it is headed.

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