Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is not a single role in the organization. Effective GRC requires collaboration across business areas that have historically operated as introverted silos. This comprehensive three-hour workshop walks you through the process of defining a central GRC strategy that encompasses all areas of your business. By attending, you learn how to:

  • Bring together disparate views of risk and compliance along with the roles and stakeholders involved in GRC
  • Formulate strategies to begin and maintain collaboration on GRC across the organization
  • Incorporate IT to drive sustainability, consistency, efficiency, and transparency into enterprise risk and compliance initiatives
  • Assess the complex landscape of applications and technologies that need to start working together to provide a coherent picture into enterprise GRC
  • Incorporate the taxonomy of applications and technologies used for GRC into blueprint architecture
  • Build a roadmap for a successful GRC strategy with a firm technology foundation
  • Stay abreast of dynamic environments, risks, regulations, and case law across multiple jurisdictions

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