The 2013 GRC Technology Innovator awards was filled with competition.  The number of submissions more than doubled over 2012.  With 57 submissions there were only twelve slots for winners.  GRC 20/20 looked through all of the submissions, asked for clarification where needed, and selected the 12 recipients to receive this honor.

Number 6 is The Network’s Integrated GRC Suite which showed technology innovation for the user experience: the Apple of GRC.  

The Network’s Integrated GRC Suite is innovative for its design and end user experience. While most GRC applications focus on the back-end complexity of GRC, The Network has delivered a platform that is fresh, beautiful, and simply elegant for the user. It features an intuitive, employee-engaging, social media-style interface for ease of use, collaboration and configurability to an organization’s specific needs to match brand and culture, and is scalable to address global needs. The GRC Suite is positioned to help organizations transform the compliance function from a chore into a valued and valuable business asset. The GRC Suite blends GRC technology with awareness and communications expertise to help drive ethical culture. Where other GRC technology providers focus on the professional side of the equation, The Network’s solution adds interface assets that work to engage employees, while providing administrators and executives with the tools needed to manage compliance. Recognizing that employees are both the greatest asset and the biggest risk toward an ethical culture, the GRC Suite has been developed to enhance how employees consume, retain and apply information, to engrain them in the compliance process.


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